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Clan Malkavian Antitribu
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Status 10
Domain Prairie du Chien, WI
Pack Honor and Power
Path Power and the Inner Voice ••
Faction None
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Player Lance Schlenker
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Character image

Warren Van Kirk

Real Name: That name no longer applies

Apparent Age: Early 30's


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Character Information

Known History

Warren Van Kirk is a recent convert to the Sword of Caine. After being betrayed by his closest allies in the Camarilla Warren received a offer from a member of the Black Hand that he could not refuse.

Warren has freely admitted his past within the Camarilla and has claimed to have held several prominent positions within the enemy sect including: Primogen, Seneschal, and Harpy. While some of the Sabbat concepts seem foreign to him, Warren has also brought several foreign concepts to the Sabbat. Hoping to prove himself, he has already embarked on several ambitious projects to narrow the power gap between the Sabbat and the Camarilla in some very critical areas, using the very tactics the Camarilla has employed against the Sword in the past.


Honor and Power


Lucian Suarez (deceased)
Ainbeartach O'Brian
Mateo Chavez (deceased)


Morgan Howell of the Children of Haqim
Digger of Clan Nosferatu
Nekoj of Clan Ventrue
Ophelia of Clan Nosferatu
Horace Mansfield-Rhumer (now deceased)
Chester Black (now deceased)
Anthony Black (now deceased)
Var (now deceased)
The Camarilla in general
Enzo Giovanni
Salvador Giovanni
The Giovanni in general


Warren's past as a member of the Camarilla is dead to him. As far as he is concerned he has no sire.




None that Warren is aware of

Character Inspirations

Currently, Thomas Charles Montgomery, Camarilla Ventrue
Bozo the Button Buster


Cannibal Hymm - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Trouble About My Soul - The Trishas
Money - The Million Dollar Man Theme Song
Selfish - Britney Spears


"He can read?" - Said by Warren and Aisling together after seeing Ainbeartach O'Brian reading a fairly complete copy of the Book of Nod.

"Judge Inquisitor Twilight, I have never claimed allegiance to Malkav and any allegiance I had to the Ivory Tower died after seeing how all the ideals exponded by that sect are lies meant to keep individuals from reaching true power. I am no infiltrator. I have stood before Paladin Rosa Martinez to prove this and should you require I will stand before you to prove this."

"It would seem that it is a definition issue on my end. I have defined myself as a Sabbat Malkavian and not a Malkavian antitribu. I will of course correct this definition. Thank you for enlightening me Judge Inquisitor."


Is actually Kevin 'Buttons' Mason, former member of the domain of Minneapolis/St. Paul and ally to Morgan Wynn Howell.
Seems to have an unreasonable dislike of Hazel Grayson.
Warren has a strange business connection to a Camarilla citizen Dr. Herbert Kaufman that is a holdover from when Warren was still a member of the Camarilla.

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