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Clan Lasombra
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Status 13
Domain South Wisconsin
Pack Sons of Caine, MC
Path Night •••
Faction Loyalist
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Player Johnny B
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Back of the Sons' Kutte

Alias(es):-V 1%er, Pres, Vinny 1%er

Real Name: Vincenzo, no one is really sure what his last name was, hell he might not even know anymore.

Apparent Age: 30s

Concept: Militant Nomadic leader

Physical description: 6'1" well built and battle scared, Rarely seen outside of his Kutte, even when shirtless he continues to fly the Colors of the Sons of Caine, MC inscribed into his flesh.
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Character Information

Vincenzo is a middle aged (vampire terms) Lasombra. He is not young enough to blindly follow his elders, but not old enough to be apart of the ruling class. As soon as this realization sets in Vincenzo decided to carve out his own niche. With his loyal soldiers he formed a Nomadic pack The Sons of Caine MC. But as is his way, he wanted more then just a simple roving band of nomads. He modeled his pack off the Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs of the mortal realm.

The Sons of Caine under this ambitious Ductus and President is becoming a thriving force behind the Sword of Caine. With the smallest hint of trouble in any part of the country Vinnie orders his crew to ride to help. Not only the mother charter but all the charters that the Sons MC have patched over. Due to the amassing numbers that the Sons MC have patched over, they bring a force all their own to any battle and can quickly turn the tide that only a mongrel martial force can provide.

Known History

Relatively unknown until recent times Vincenzo or Vinny 1%er to most, is a force to be reckoned with. Not only with his own Martial prowess but the mongrel horde he leads.

Vinny 1%er is the President and Ductus of the Nomadic Pack Sons of Caine, MC. This nomadic pack is quickly growing into more then a pack.

When not fighting for the Sword, Vinny 1%er and his mother charter can be found patching over other clubs to bolster the army of our Dark Father.

In 2011 the Bishop of South East WI joined the ranks of the oh Carthiginians and sold his punk ass out. Vinny 1%er and crew wouldn't stand for this. So that mother fucker got dead real quick and Vinny 1%er stepped up against the wishes of his Loyalist crew and took Bishop to transform the region in to the Free State Vinny has in mind.

Since his rise to power Vinny has been investigated by the Inquisition 9 times, and 9 times he has come up clean, Leanna McShay Told him one more punch card and Vinny 1%er gets a new set of Steak knives.


Sons of Caine, MC AKA The Sons MC





Umm yeah... Remember that MC we Patched over to the Sons last week? Some of them may be mine.

Character Inspirations

Clay Morrow



From Vinny 1%er

About Vinny 1%er


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