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Past Era
The now Regent Venere Carboni was embraced not long after the anarch revolt, in the decades when scattered bands of anarchs swore blood-pacts to each other and defined themselves as sabbat. Over the centuries Venere rose through the Sabbat's ranks until he became a priscus in the late nineteenth century. He moved from Italy to Mexico so he could watch the revolution.

Venere joined the coalition that placed Melinda Galbraith in power. During her regime, Venere served as "party whip" by charming, persuading, and negotiating with the coalitions supporters to keep them loyal. He became the consistory's most visible advocate for the Status Quo viewpoint.

Current Era
With the death of Melinda Galbraith, Venere regarded himself as her natural successor as Regent. Few Sabbat in Mexico City, and none within Galbraith's coalition, could match his connections among the city's Archbishops, Bishops, ducti, and priests who form the backbone of the sect. Despite this, his rivals Charles VI and Szechenyi Jolan caused a power block that forced the consistory to reject all three candidates for regent.

Broken, though not beaten, Venere bided his time as the consistory choose from three new Prisci to become the next Regent. He lead the Cainites of Mexico City in destroying the Infernal William Guarant, who was the Regent at the time. With his political backing and this bold act, Venere Carboni finally ascended to what he believed was his rightful place as the Sabbat's Regent.



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Physical description:
The Toreador antitribu appears as a pale young man with mouse brown hair, a sparse mustache and fringe of a beard and a narrow, mobile face. He usually dresses in jeans and a t-shirt or his mariachi costume. Venere stands 5'8" tall..

OWBN History

  • In 2001 Venere Carboni, Charles VI, and Szechenyi Jolan all attempted to gain consistory favor to become the new regent with the death of Melinda Galbraith. The Consistory was unable to make a decision and thus the Regency sat empty for many years.
  • In 2010 in Mexico City is was revealed that the newest Regent, William Guarant, was both insane and infernal; Venere Carboni rose to the occasion leading the sabbat in removing the traitor.
  • After the fall of William Guarant, and using Melinda Galbraith's supporters; Venere Carboni was finally able to secure the regency and gain the consistories favor.
  • In 2011 the now Regent Venere Carboni lead the Sabbat of Mexico City to New Orleans to attend the Convention of Fire.
  • In 2013 Venere Carboni oversaw and attended the 2013 Ecumenical Council.
  • In 2015 Venere Carboni was slain by Lambach Ruthven at the 2015 Ecumenical Council.

Storyteller Information

Character Information
Clan: Toreador Antitribu
Faction: Status Quo
Whereabouts: Mexico City
R&U: Coordinator
Controlling Coordinator:

  • This Character is a NPC for OWbN Sabbat.
  • Portraying Coordinator: Sabbat Coordinator
  • Also been portrayed by: Brian Orlando, Zeb
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AKA:Daemon Maestro

Clan: Toreador Antitribu
Year Embraced: 1530s AD
Generation: 7th
Path: Path of Cathari

Sect: Sabbat
Pack: El Mariachi
Faction: Status Quo
Position: Regent

Status: (20)

Initiated, Feared,
Feared, Proven,
Relentless, Ominous,
Supreme, Devout,
Feared, Adept
Enlightened, Loyal
Supported (by Jalan-Aajav), Architect
Blooded, Charred
Battle-Scarred, Fortified
Glorified, Daemon Maestro (Reputation)

Mexico City by Night pg.88

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