Vadim Carmitru, The Sanguine Priest

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Clan Tzimisce
Sect Position Archbishop
Pack Position Ductus
Status 12
Domain Springfield, OH
Pack Aeternum
Path Metamorphosis ???
Faction Occult Underground
Faction Importance Licentiate (Faction Leader)
Player Paul



The Sanguine Priest

Alias(es): The Sanguine Priest.

Real Name: A barely remembered mortal remnant that is never spoken.

Apparent Age: Its visage is too alien to determine an apparent age.

Concept: Spiritualist and blood magician seeking personal ascension.

Physical description: Standing nearly 7' tall, The Sanguine Priest is quite slender, with long spindly fingers ending in inch-long bone talons. Its flesh is something of an ash grey color, with bone spines of varying shape and size issuing forth from numerous places on its body. The plate of its skull has been elongated, and rises to form a horned crown over its brow. Its primary canines are large and powerful, the rest of its mouth little more than a fanged minefield filled with serrated, shark-like barbs. Along much of its horned skull, face, and body, Hermetic runes and Koldunic symbols are branded upon its flesh in what is surely an unholy matrimony. Its eyes glow with a predatory amber ambiance which is largely obscured by gathered shadows, and it wears a richly appointed red robe.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Character Information

Known History

Having received The Change at some time during the early nights of the Tzimisce's Omen War with The Usurpers, Carmitru's lineage is a proud one of accomplishment, dignity, and support. Though his sire is said to have perished at the filthy hands of The Usurpers, his grandsire, the Voivode Boleslaus Vyacheslav, is quite active and well and remains a strong figure of inspiration and guidance in his grandchilde's unlife.

It is said that The Sanguine Priest practices the same manner of blood magic as did Goratrix and his brood, and has achieved such mastery of the sustaining essence of Cainite nature as to be able to manipulate the vitae of himself and others. It is believed this understanding of the Cainite form is what led to his title of The Sanguine Priest being issued.

Since leaving the Old Country and arriving in the new world territory of Ohio, Carmitru has proven himself a dedicated brother of The Sword, and a cautious and discerning voice of reason among many firebrand brothers and sisters. At the time of his arrival, it was his fortune to be the Cainite that was needed at the time such a Cainite was needed, and thus fate eventually led him to the esteemed role of Archbishop.

Carmitru maintains a strong relationship with the former Archbishop now Priscus, Akiko Gorou, who he respects greatly as a teacher and example of what a Cainite can aspire too. With the binding of the manticore that has plagued his Archdiocese since before his arrival, he turns now to the horizon and seeks to guide his Cainites toward enlightnment and preparation for the nights to come.




Giovanni. Gypsies.






None commonly known.

Character Inspirations

Andrei from Bloodlines. Trias from Planescape: Torment. My own perception of what a good Tzimisce should be.




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