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Clan Nosferatu Antitribu
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Status 11
Domain Lexington, KY
Pack Black 13
Path Scorched Heart ???
Faction None
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Player Chris Dettone
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Toshi's Mask of 1000 Faces
Toshi's true face. He only shows this form to those he trusts, or those he plans to destroy.

*The Digital Blade

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Impossible to say (Mask is generally early 20s)

Concept: Techno Mercenary

Physical description: Suave, Clean, Terrifying. His favorite mask is of that of a moderately attractive man in his early twenties with brown hair and bright blue eyes. Only those few who have seen beneath his mask know his true form is that of a six and a half foot tall, emaciated, grey skinned monster with burning yellow eyes and a mouthful of needle-sharp teeth. On his left hand he wears a ring with a golden, glass reptilian eye set in the center like a stone. He has refused to leave the ring behind, even after having had his arm completely destroyed. He seems to be equally attached his sword, a beautifully crafted Iberian Falcata.

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Character Information

Known History

Little is known about Toshi's early life or where he came from. However, his initiation in the 1970's began a career of Espionage and Technological warfare on many Camarilla Domains including New York. His presence in a war room was devastating, turning the tide of many tactical nightmares. Now he serves as a member of the monstrous pack known as Black 13, coordinating and executing high priority operations at the request of Lexington's Diocese.

His prowess with technology is renown sect wide. Through his efforts, many encrypted communications networks have been established to aid with the Sword of Caine's electronic security. It is this unique ability that earned him the nickname "The Digital Blade".

For two years, Toshi wore the mantle of the Sabbat Inquisition, rooting out Heresy and Infernalism in the Sabbat. In those two years, he destroyed over twenty Infernalists, including four Baali that escaped the battle of Milwaukee. He attained the rank of Paladin under Judge Inquisitor Alexi before parting with the Ordos in January 2013. Keeping the circumstances of his departure to himself, he resumed freelance technological assignments and contracts for Sabbat Cainites, his expertise still in high demand.

Though Toshi has served as Templar to no less than three different Bishops in recent years, it seems he now wields quite a bit of deciding power in almost any city he decides to visit. Archbishops and even visiting Prisci consult him for advice and little known bits of information.

In early 2013, he attracted more controversy by sheltering the Giovanni Antitribu, Mateo Chavez, under the watchful eye of his Pack, Black 13. In doing so, Chavez was legitimized and under sufficient scrutiny to overcome the adversity created by his odd lineage.


Black 13


(In no particular order)



Codename: October



Character Inspirations



"When a gifted politician gains power, assuming they wish to keep it, they should also gain an equal measure of paranoia." Toshi to his Childer

"Hmmmm. Okay, you've got my attention." Toshi as the Infernal Priscus's Vohzd appeared at Midwest Palla Grande 2011

"Even Hell has it's heroes. Fortunately, I've been blessed with the duty of turning them into Martyrs." Toshi in Pittsburgh 2012

"So, are you mad at me?" Priscus Charles VI to Toshi in Pittsburgh 2012

"Are you kidding? He is the internet." Ariana speaking of Toshi

"You say the words 'Service is it's own reward.' and I'm going to slap your head off your shoulders." Toshi to a would-be client

"Okay, I need a gallon of Kerosene, a large bag of Miracle-Gro, some electrical wire, a big box of your finest silverware, and a garage door opener. Oh, and you should probably leave." Toshi as he prepares to battle Lupines

"Toshi? Huh... That mother fucker is slicker than greased owl shit coated in Teflon AND cutting edge Hydrophobic polymers... Seriously. I've never met another Cainite like him... And I doubt I ever will. He's edgy, intense, and intelligent in a way the sword is far too frequently lacking in. He's another one I need to clone, fo'REALZ. You know... I think I might almost have a Cainite crush on him... weird." Diver, on the Subject of Toshi.

"I love you, Toshi. Marry me." Jestin to Toshi

"I love you." Nicholas Vicente to Toshi

"I love you, Toshi." Ariadne Santariga to Toshi

"I <3 you, Toshi." Spike to Toshi

"MMM mmmm MMmm." ("I love you Toshi.") Ianto St. John

"You know I love it when you call, Toshi;)" Tempest


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