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Clan Brujah Antitribu
Sect Position None
Pack Position Ductus
Status 7
Domain Northern Maine
Pack Axios
Path Grey Hunter •••
Faction None
Faction Importance None
Player Spencer R.


Tony Maietta WM.jpg


Tony at EC 2018

Alias(es): Mace, Gunkle Mace, Daddy

Real Name: Unknown, Cainites know him as Tony Maietta

Apparent Age: Early to mid twenties

Concept: Former member of the Tower now turned into the monster he fought against.

Physical description: Five foot eight, average build. Those that touch him find themselves chilled (Touch of Frost) and it has been noticed that mortals don't like to stay around him for very long (Eerie Presence). He usually wears ripped jeans, worn work boots and a black shirt with a skeleton on it. A half mask covers his lower face and painted to resemble a fanged maw, enhanced by the powers of Vicissitude it moves when he talks as if it were his own skin. What skin is visible looks like any humans normal skin (Blush of Health).

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Character Information

Known History

Strong rumors have it that Tony used to be a staunch member of the Tower. What finally brought him to the light of Caine he doesn't talk about. Needless to say the Cainte who arose from the ashes of his rebirth among the Sword was definitely not the kindred he was known to be within the Tower.


Became a founding member and Ductus of Angeli Bello along side Lilah Ashford and Azezal. Established himself within New York City with his new pack.


During most of the year he stayed away from large gatherings after the events of the EC in Brazil. It wasn't until Palla Grande in New York City that he was seen out in the open as it were. It was also at this time that Azezal was no longer seen shoulder to shoulder with the two Brutes, instead Viking seemed to have taken up his place.


With the disappearance of Lilah in the winter months of 2015 it is assumed that he has had some sort of role in her death. Exactly what he doesn't reveal but he doesn't deny it either. Since that time he has split with Angeli Bello who had grown larger in those nights, leaving them to their own devices and instead traveling as a Nomad. He was a frequent sight in Mexico City and Montreal running product.


The middle of the year saw him find like minded individuals, one who's purpose was pure and straightforward. Axios was born and with it Tony's spirit. With Prior as their Priest and Geoffrey Bannerman as their Abbot they walked the nights with a new purpose. Since then he had started going by the name 'Mace' when within Northern Maine and Nova Scotia.


Northern Maine organized into something resembling a diocese. Territory was reclaimed in the name of the Sword. He has denied the requests of many to take on any mantle higher than Ductus. Since that time he has fought to maintain the territory that his pack has claimed and offered aid to those who have asked for it to keep Northern Maine in the hands of the Sword.


The year saw the Archbishop outed as a plaything of Lillians which 'Mace' helped to uncover and see the heretics turned over to the Cardinal. Since then a new Archbishop was chosen from what remained of the Bishropic and a new Bishop risen to take Halifax. Northern Maine however was it's own animal and a Council of Ducti was formed instead.

Zasha, The Regent, Tony



Ductus - Tony

Priest - Cordelia Hewitt

Abbot - Geoffrey Bannerman

Brother - The Prior

Brother - Mitch


Angeli Bello

Cardinal Dark Selina

Archbishop Ecaterina

Templar Soraya Mirza

Mathew St. Hubert

Lily Pearce

Jo Babson



Unknown but one could guess that those he was close with in the Tower now hunt him.




Avery Hunter

Ginny Thomas - Dead

Montana Scott

There are most likely other childre but he doesn't keep track of them all.

At least one grand childre but he probably doesn't even know their name.




Boom Lay Boom - Shinedown

Liberate - Disturbed

Rise - Disturbed

Everywhere I Go - Hollywood Undead

Bullet - Hollywood Undead

I Am A Stone - Demon Hunter

God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash


"Really? You think you are enslaved now by the Regent and his psychopathic bullshit compromise? Try being in the Tower." -Said to a number of Cainites at Ecumenical Council 2014

"I swear to god, all we need is a Harpy and this place will be like one of the fucking Tower's parties." - Said to Dark Selena at Ecumenical Council 2014

"You never wore the fucking chains so next time you think of shitting on a convert remember, we actually felt the chains of those who we fight against you uptight fuck." -Said to a group of young Cainites at Ecumenical Council 2018

"SIR FUCKSTICK NUMBER 2 IS HERE SIR!" - One of the many announcements at Ecumenical Council 2018 as acting doorman.


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