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Clan Salubri Antitribu
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Status 7
Domain Nomadic
Pack Lake Superior Dogs
Path Honorable Accord •••••
Faction None
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Player Corey Karels
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Real Name: Anthony Wallace

Apparent Age: Mid-20's

Concept: Repo-Man meets Dr. Jekyl/Hyde meets Dexter Tony Wallace is an embraced medical student out of the University of Duluth in Minnesota. While he is a Salubri Anti and well capable of violence, he is a medical professional first. His first oath is to the Hippocratic oath of medical doctors. His base concept started out as the Repo-Man out of the Genetic Opera, and kinda spawned through role-play into Dexter & Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde ala BBC tv. High mental traits vs the other categories, and more of a defensive individual than attacking. He has ability aptitude: Medicine, and acute sense: Sight to assist with medical inspections and work.

Physical description:

Detailed Status:

Positional Status Reputational Status
  • Initiated as True Sabbat
  • Feared Ductus of the Lake Superior Dogs
  • Battle-Scarred by the Fires of the Tremere
  • Enriched by the Blood the Camarilla
  • Proven to uphold the ideals of the Sword of Caine
  • Sanctified Follower of the path of Honorable Accord
  • Veteran of the Fourth Sabbat Civil War

Status Flaw:

Character Information

Known History

11/11/11: Tony came back into the Twin Peaks Diocese, to re-establish himself in the area after the break, and see what assistance could be delivered. After meeting Skull-face and Toby the Tzimisce (a girl, temporarily), Tony thought he had found a few worthy individuals to join the Lake Superior Dogs.

And now, Tony faces a crisis of belief on what he viewed. On what he experienced.


The Lake Superior Dogs is a small jobs pack. Mostly built around those who are more effective than popular. The goals of the pack are simple. To be effective, to have fun, and to hell with the upper politics of the world. This pack just has fun doing whatever it wants to do, and really doesn't get involved with the tight-wads otherwise known as the higher ups of the sect.

Pack Membership

Ductus: Tony
Priest: Lark
Member: Michael
Member: Annie

Pack Graveyard

Dexter: Killed for refusing Vaulderie with the pack, reclaimed by Lark



Clan Tremere




Character Inspirations

~ Repo-man from the Genetic Opera
~ Dexter
~ Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde from the BBC show



(Mr. Hyde): "The thing is, darling, I don’t really care why you want the job, don’t mind if you’ve got secrets, don’t even mind if you don’t answer my questions, don’t answer many questions myself but don’t… Don't ever…lie to me!" ~Marking this one as it's one of Tony's viewpoints being on Honorable Accord

Priscus Turlev to Ductus Tony regarding Tony's explaination of the Path of Honorable Accord during his sanctified testing: "I will say that was perhaps the best explanation I have ever been given. i will hold all those who come to me in the future for my support in this regard to this standard."


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