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Clan Malkavian Antitribu
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Status 12
Domain Nomadic
Pack Crimson Hand
Path Death and the Soul •••••
Faction True Sabbat
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Player Rhed
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Thornton in one of his rare good moods.

Known Aliases: Shinycoat
False Names: Seth Argyle, Lucas Black

Real Name: William E. Thornton

Apparent Age: Late twenties, early thirties.

Concept: Professionally dressed morbid psychologist.

Physical description: His recent incarnation is that of a light frame, average height, pale and fair complexion, unkempt hair and recently adorned goatee (because every great villain has one). Most of the time he wears glasses as a habit from his mortal years but can be spotted by his signature silver longcoat when among the Camarilla or black gothic longcoat among the Sabbat.

Detailed Status:




Crimson Hand


None outside of the Sabbat openly acknowledge Thornton as being an ally, while few in the Sabbat call him more than an acquaintance.

Enemy of

While he hasn't declared anyone a direct adversary... publicly, there are a great many whom wish ill of him...

[OOC: list gladly added to as others let me know of their open disdain for Thornton]


Destroyed by his own fangs by the order of Prince (at the time, now Archon) Tiffany Cole.


Lucia (PC)

Known History

Coming into public view in late 2003, Thornton was a professional psychologist doing business in Springfield, Illinois and citizen of the Camarilla domain located there. He was the only constant member of the Malkavian family and thus sat in the seat of Primogen from '04 to '06. In December of '06, he was accused of being in league with the Sabbat and took into hiding after confirming the allegations. Since then he had made appearances in various midwest locations, most commonly the Camarilla domain of Cedar Falls (which he has earned a BloodHunt), Iowa and the annual Midwinter Elysium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Within the Sabbat, he makes no effort to hide his Enlightenment as a Necronomist nor his scrutiny of other Malkavians.

He has recently retired his silver longcoat from use when among the Sabbat, saving that immediately recognizable feature for when he wishes to cause unease among the Camarilla. For some reason, no matter how many times it gets taken or destroyed, he always has another. The nickname 'Dr. Shinycoat' has almost become a reputation in and of itself.

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