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Clan Samedi Antitribu
Sect Position Bishop
Pack Position ???
Status 9
Domain Madison, WI
Pack E Pluribus Unum
Path Scorched Heart ••••
Faction Status Quo
Faction Importance ???
Player D.C. Welker


Upload Syntax the Samedi
Upload Samedi Antitribu


Alias(es): None

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Mid 40's to just eww!

Concept: Mercenary

Physical description: 5'6" tall, usually having grey eyes. Usually wears black slacks or black jeans with a black canvas coat or black shirt with black vest and red or black tie.

Detailed Status:
Positional Status:

Accomplishment Status

Character Information

Known History

Syntax is a recent addition to the sword of caine. Little is widely known about the cainite other than he has a penchant for being very mouthy. Syntax was recruited into the sword of Caine by Judge Inquisitor Alexi and has been taken in as a prospect to Sons of Caine, MC by Lewis 1%er. Little is widely known other than that he recently attended Palla Grande in the Midwest where he underwent creation rights with several other recent converts and showed that he may be much more powerful than people initially thought. He claims to have seen and fought two antediluvians in a joint strike by the Camarilla and the Sabbat during the Treaty of Fire. He claims this is the reason for his fierce loyalty to the sword of caine. He is cold and calculated. Ever watchful and silver-tongued, he uses his cunning as a weapon to lull his opponents into a false sense of security and lets them take the offensive when they underestimate his prowess. He has recently left the Sons of Caine, MC to pursue his own agenda and form a pack called E Pluribus Unum, though he is unsure of where his future will lie with either pack. Now, as a Bishop, Syntax seeks to make amends for a past deed he does not speak of publicly.


E Pluribus Unum
Ductus: Ainbeartach O'Brian
Priest: Syntax
Abbott: Samyra


Ainbeartach O'Brian
Bishop M
Lewis 1%er
Judge Inquisitor Alexi
bishop Olivia
Anaisa Pye
Archbishop Warren Van Kirk
Bishop Jack Cock


The Camarilla
The Tremere
The antediluvians




None known


Character Inspirations

Deadpool, Punisher


Fear Factory: Hunter-Killer
Sepultura: Refuse/Resist
Cannibal Corpse: Evisceration Plague


"A black Irishman? I see you've been eating bad potatoes, sir."

"Once you go Samedi, you'll always be ready!"

"In the Voodoun faith, we do not worship the loa. We pray to them much as a catholic would to a saint. Worship is reserved for Bondye, the one true god. To worship the Baron Samedi is a blasphemous joke at best."


Syntax is a former Camarilla Prince
Syntax is a former Camarilla Sheriff
Syntax is a shovelhead
Syntax is a former Camarilla Archon
Syntax fought two antediluvians
Syntax is the voice of the Baron Samedi
Syntax hates Malkavians
Syntax is a former Camarilla Seneschal
Syntax is a serial diablerist
Syntax is an extremely potent cainite
Syntax is an extremely dangerous cainite to cross
Syntax seeks to exterminate any cainites who harm or enslave benign ghosts or spirits

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