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Clan Serpents of the Light
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Status 6
Domain Brockton/Bridgewater Massachusetts
Pack Helter Skelter
Path Death and the Soul ••
Faction None
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Player Chip Davis
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Real Name:Stephen Moretti

Apparent Age: 20

Concept: Voodoo Priest (in the New Orleans Tradition) and Southern Gentleman. Known to despise and hunt down Rogue Bokor's who use the Loa for sinful reasons.

Physical description: Long Brown hair rides down from a top hat to his shoulders. His Eyes are brightly lit and when tending to his parish he wears mirror shades. He wears Black Slacks and a Purple shirt as a way to show his affinity for Baron La Croix. He is a being from another time, and his cold detached air shows his sincerity to his Responsibilities.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Accomplishment Status

Character Information

Known History

Stephen is originally from a small town outside of Mobile, Louisiana. He was able to hear the din of the Shadowlands and those who reside just beyond at the age of eight. His Nanny out there was a Mammy who practiced Santeria and she noticed the boy's gift as a medium, and his affinity for St. Gerod. She showed him the ropes and the doorway to the Loa. Being White and from a middle income household made it difficult for him to come to grips with being an Intercessor for the dead with the Loa and the Baron. At the age of 17 he joined a seminary and began to look for a Christian answer to his gift. But, in the end he went back to Santeria and Voodoo; due to his realization that it was meant to be. However, he liked the aspect of being an Intercessor with the almighty, so he began to use the Priestly attire as a way to show his power.

At the age of Nineteen he fell upon the prying eyes of a Serpent of the Light Houngan who noticed his affinity for the Waters Below. After much deliberation Darian decided to embrace the now twenty year old, and began teaching him the ways of being a Necromancer.





Darian Marko



Character Inspirations



"It is more of a...Spiritual Matter"


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