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Clan Ventrue Antitribu
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Status Initiated
Domain Nomad
Pack None
Path Path of the Sage ••
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Player Kristopher Eshleman
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Alias(es): In public he has only ever referred to himself as Simon, though at least one time he was referred to as "Sariel" by Malice.

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Often appears between the ages of thirteen and twenty.

Concept: Child frozen in time.

Physical description: Simon has appeared in many forms, and often times seems to display no conscious realization that he looks different than times he's been seen in the past. Most often he appears as an adult in his early to middle twenties, but he has been seen on occasion as a child around the age of thirteen. In every form he appears in, he seems a normal human generating an aura of holy power.

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Character Information

Known History

The Cainite known as Simon appeared in the Dioceses of Lexington a few months before Ecumenical Council. He offered no information beyond that he was a traveling nomad that belonged to no clan, and that he was looking for people of strength, but he never said why he was looking for such allies. Many of the residents were shocked at the aura of holy energy that emanated from his presence. He was able to negotiate a ceasefire between an aggressive pack of werewolves and the Dioceses. The werewolves claimed he was not "of the Wyrm", and were willing to listen to his request for peace.

In his time in Lexington, it quickly became known that he had mastered an uncommon form of Blood Magic, including the ability to speak to and manipulate both wraiths and nature spirits. He was not registered with the Occult Underground, refused to claim the Gifted status, and even seemed unaware of the Occult Underground's existence. When being questioned by C.W. Porter, Simon admitted to being a follower of the Path of Harmony. It was clear to the assembled Cainites that he had no idea the Path had been deemed heretical. Balthazar Swearengen put Simon in contact with Inquisitor Alexi and the questions about who he was and where he came from were put to the side so that his ethics and beliefs could be evaluated as to whether or not they were a danger to the Sword.

On the first night of Ecumenical Council he actively sought support from the Order of St. Blaise and many other Cainites in the hopes that Harmony would be deemed no longer heretical. He was appointed as part of the security staff and placed center stage. He apprehended the Cainite who tried to flee during the questioning of the Keys of Solomon and turned him over to Inquisitor Alexi.

When it came time to ask questions about the Path, Simon stood on the stage when called, but did not offer anything in defense of his beliefs and did not comment on the accusations as to why it was heretical. In the aftermath he was put under the watch of Mathew St. Hubert, who was to teach him a new acceptable path.

The Regent, Venere Carboni told Simon not to waste second chances.

In New York City, he was attacked by several Cainites when it was discovered that he was a heretic. He raised no hand in defense of himself, though he did invoke the name of the Archangel Michael and successfully repelled his attackers until the intervention of several other Sabbat brought the skirmish to an end.

Two entities of unknown origins, one believed to be a fallen angel, and one believed to be a powerful Spectre god from the Shadowlands both attempted to reach him about the powers he invoked. The Spectre god implied that Simon nearly destroyed the city by invoking his power and drawing the fallen angel nearer to his presence. Simon only stated that he'd called that particular Aethyr in the past and had never drew so much attention to himself when using one of the Eighteen Keys.

He talks freely of his theurgy, his blood magic, and the various supernatural creatures he's encountered, but much of what he says comes across as nonsensical, confusing, and often flat out preposterous. He seems to have poor impulse control, a warm demeanor, and a very curious nature.

In the aftermath of Ecumenical Council he has admitted to being a former member of the Camarilla, that he was Prince in multiple cities, and that he had a poor relationship with both the Tremere, the Ventrue, and Madame Guil during her time as the Toreador Justicar.

After Ecumenical Council, he was also seen by a number of Sabbat near Chicago in a huddled conversation with the Malkavian known as Malice. They seemed to have some shared history, including the defeat of the Archon Nazir, though Simon was never previously seen in the Sabbat before his arrival in Lexington.

He claims to have created an Enochian Altar over an entire city by assembling the Four Elemental Watchtowers around a Tablet of Union utilizing places of power sacred to Werewolves, Mages, and Changelings, then drawing the Thirty Aethyr Circles. Once completed, he invoked the Nineteenth Key and turned a vampire back into a human. He doesn't speak often of the reasoning behind the ritual or who it was that was transformed.


Simon belongs to no pack.


He has been seen often in the presence of Balthazar, Rialta Kyran, and Mathew St. Hubert


He has been heard to say that both the Tremere, as well as the Ventrue of the Camarilla would seek his death if they knew where he was.




Unknown, though he has spoken about Frank Siegler and his childer once having been friends.



Character Inspirations

Bloody Cross


30 Seconds to Mars - Beautiful Lie
Zeromancer - Send me an Angel
Sick Puppies - My World
Kansas - Carry on My Wayward Son
Until it Hurts - Fransisca Hall


"Who wouldn't want to know that?"


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