Sebastian Andolini

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Clan Ventrue Antitribu
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Status 12-1=11
Domain Rochester, New York
Pack The Unchained
Path Power and the Inner Voice •••
Faction Loyalist
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UploadSebastian Andolini, The Freest Man in America

Alias(es): The Freest Man in America, The Betrayer of Tyranny, Andolini the Greater

Real Name: M. Sebastian Andolini

Apparent Age: 28

Concept: Bond Villain

Physical description: Six feet, stocky build, blue eyes and light brown hair

UploadLord Andolini, Ductus of The Unchained

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Accomplishment Status

Negative Status:

Character Information

Sebastian Andolini, the Freest Man in America, the Betrayer of Tyranny

Known History

Former three-time Prince of Buffalo, former Bishop to Rochester, and professed Baron of Rochester.

Active in western New York since 2005. Previously in Chicago and Las Vegas.

Led a portion of Rochester to strip Cardinal Polonia of standing for Tyranny, while serving as a Loyalist Bishop under Polonia


The Unchained:






Character Inspirations



"Get in the box."

"I fought a cyborg in defense of this demesne; do not presume to tell me what I would or would not believe."

"I am the freest man in America. The personification of freedom. The man who fought a cyborg so that others may know liberty."

"Vincenzo, if you ever summon me out of a Bishopric meeting again, I will embarrass you in front of your friends."

"I don't remember the last time a Moderate hang-glided into a hunter-controlled US Air Force base and one-manned their Command and Control building."

"The Freest Man in America does not like piss in his cornflakes."

"Your attempt to block the actions of a Ductus - like a Harpy curtseying to the will of his Primogen - mirrors the thralldom to the Ancients and further underscores your fascist, outmoded, and neo-Camarillian adhesion to autocracy. For this our voice declares you as you are Tyrannical, you are no longer Respected." - While removing standing from Cardinal Polonia

"The Diabolist Reformation cannot be tolerated."

"...they are like herding a pack of retarded, flaming ocelots that spit acid everywhere."


Rumored to be an Ancilla.

Once fought and murdered a cyborg hunter.

Once drowned a demon in holy water.

Connoisseur of fine zeppelins.

Hijacked and crashed a plane into a Camarilla court site as part of his test to become Initiated into the Sabbat.

Prolific Sabbat recruiter from the Anarch movement and the Camarilla.

He is a thrall of Pasternak

Prolific Path instructor.

Serial Dialberist.

High-grade explosives, or gasoline tankers, are his preferred method of greeting people.

Once hang-glided into a hunter-controlled Air Force base and one-manned its command building.

Witnessed the Monomacy and death of former Archbishop Trigvassen at the hands of Andolini's pack mate, Nick.

Favorite profanity is "cocksucker"

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