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Past Era
Little is known about the Vykos' true past. What is known is that it (then he) was a monk scholar who resided in the city of Constantinople during the height of that city's era. When the city collapsed due to the Crusaders and their holy war, Vykos and his sire fled back to their homelands.

Known then as Myca Vykos, it would seem that he would spend his eternity in study. When the Anarch Revolt came to the lands of the Fiends, Myca was one of the first Tzimisce to take up the cause. Slaying his own sire and spending several nights consuming him only to regurgitate him and repeat the process, Vykos became one of the war leaders of the Anarch cause. Together with Lugoj, Velya, and Lambach Ruthven, they found their Antediluvian and slew it were it slumbered. After that time, Vykos rode with his pack in raising hell across all of Europe for the Anarch cause.

When what would become the Camarilla began to tip the scales of the war, Vykos was one of many who attended the peace conference at Thorns. Little more than terms of surrender that changed nothing he had fought for; Vykos ripped his manhood off and threw it in the face of Camarilla founder Hardestadt. Taking the name of now deceased lover Sascha (a victim of the Anarch Revolt), the Vykos fled into he night from Thorns with the fledgling Sabbat and burned the town of Silchester to the ground in defiance. At that moment, the Sabbat was born.

Current Era
For many centuries Sascha Vykos helped forge the Sword of Caine from the shadows. Becoming a nomadic priest, scholar, and warrior for the young sect; it was Vykos who paved the way for much of the early Sabbat. Sascha is an ally to the old-guard Sabbat who appreciate the strength of knowledge. Generally, though, it prefers to capture foes rather than kill them. In this violent facet, Sascha appeals to the younger Sabbat.

After cultivating a cult-like following, it was not until the Modern Nights that Sascha Vykos took the center stage of the Sabbat once more. Moving from city to city, the Priscus is a hero to the young and the old of the Sabbat alike. It's mastery of Blood Magic is legendary, as it is said Vykos itself is often sent to destroy entire chantries of Tremere. Most among the sect are shocked that it never became Regent of the Sabbat. As to why, only Vykos knows the answer. For now, it seems content to play the Jyhad and support the very sect it helped found.


Sire: Symeon
Lineage: Unknown

Vykos gehenna.jpg

Physical Description:
An Alien Beauty, Sascha Vykos carries itself with tremendous power for its ethereal frame. Its limbs are long, elegant and slender. It's face is absolute perfection, like the most beautiful painting ever made on earth. The very definition of androgyny, Vykos' form changes quite often depending on the situation. Many times, it appears with many tattoos, scars, and piercings. Sometimes hundreds of mouths cover it's body and speak in perfect harmony with it's voice. Others have noted that Vykos has appeared pregnant from time to time with a translucent belly showing an unborn childe. It would seem that Vykos' appearance changes with whatever role it has taken for the night. The only constant about it is that, no matter what form it may be, it is perfection personified, so much so that it could only have been carved by the hand of a god.

OWBN History

  • Sascha Vykos has an ongoing rivalry with Cardinal Polonia. It would seem the two are bitterly opposed.
  • Sascha Vykos has called for Crusades and gotten away with it, when only Cardinals may do so.
  • Sascha Vykos had taken over the Yale library and spent much of its time there. It now reportedly has a library in an old mansion in Long Island, New York.
  • Ever the Nomadic Priscus, Vykos often travels to Sabbat events and festivities offering to revel with all who are part of the sect regardless of age, clan, or faction.
  • It has taken a Lasombra Templar to annoy Cardinal Polonia, who he himself has taken a Tzimisce Templar.
  • Vykos is often sought after for advice by any who call themselves Sabbat.
  • Sascha Vykos was present and proceeded over the Convention of Fire for the Sword of Caine.
  • Sascha Vykos revealed the Keys of Solomon to the sect as a whole on September 2012.
  • Sascha Vykos regularly attends the yearly Ecumenical Councils, offering advice whenever asked no matter the standing.
  • Sascha Vykos has only two Templars under its employ: Fairuza and Keyuri Krittikas.

Storyteller Information

Character Information
Clan: Tzimisce
Faction: Eccleastical
Whereabouts: Nomadic
R&U: Coordinator
Controlling Coordinator:

  • This Character is a NPC for OWbN Sabbat.
  • Portraying Coordinator: Sabbat Coordinator
  • Also been portrayed by: Adam Sartori
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AKA: Caine's Angel, Hell's Chief Torturer, The Chameleon, Bathory

Clan: Tzimisce
Year Embraced: 1002 CE
Generation: 6th
Path: Death and the Soul 5

Sect: Sabbat
Pack: Masters of Fate
Faction: Eccleastical
Position: Priscus

Status: (16)

Initiated, Feared,
Feared, Confirmed,
Infamous, Ominous,
Devout, Enlightened,
Adept, Ominous,
Sanctified, Blooded,
Hunted, Founder,

Children of the Night
Transylvania Chronicles
Constantinople by Night
Clan Novel Saga

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