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The One World by Night Sabbat Genre Guide is a Non-Binding tool designed to help the Sabbat games of OWbN with some tips, locations for content in books, and method to create a larger shared universe. Many of the things found in this guide are things created by the Sabbat games of OWbN. We encourage Storytellers to continue to add to parts to this guide. While not binding, many of these topics and suggestions are items that Team Sabbat Supports. If you wish to add content from your game, simply add a section in the entry for your game.

For Example: The Chronicle "Sabbat by Night" wishes to add to the timeline. As such, they edit the Timeline and add their section, making a note that this is from Sabbat by Night.

However, some items listed in this document are Binding, as from previously passed packets and additions to the OWbN bylaws. These are NOT new Binding additions; they are already things that are considered Binding in One World by Night. The following are binding in OWbN:

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