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Clan Lasombra
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Status 14
Domain St. Petersburg, Florida
Pack Snack Pack
Path ??? ???
Faction Inquisition
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Player Joel G
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"Chibi" Rude

Alias(es): Jerk With A Mouth, Renegade

Apparent Age: Early Twenties

Concept: Deviant-Patriot-Cowboy

Physical description: Rude is as Beautiful as he is Deadly. His long and always flowing blonde locks coupled with his dazzling and fair delicate features were immortalized upon his embrace. His lean body resembles an Adonis carved out of platinum. Who wants gold when you can have platinum? He is obsessed with his appearance and displays signs of a Narcissistic complex. He typically dresses in trendy black or white suits with his chiseled torso exposed and black Western boots. Around his waste he wears a belt with a large buckle depicting his clan's Emblem. Rude tends to express his Obtenebration in "Non-cliched" fashions, as he claims. One way for example is the use of his stunning Abyssal Halo when he is in Inquisition mode.

Character Information

Known History


Snack Pack

Kool Kids




"...The Void..."


"The Rude Brood"

Character Inspirations

Deadpool (Wade Winston Wilson)-A mercenary and anti-hero appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Nicolas D. Wolfwood-A character in both the Trigun anime, and the Trigun manga. A member of the Eye of Michael, an organization of assassins.

Kavinsky-Persona developed by French electro house artist,Vincent Belorgey.

Kickstand-Henchman appearing in Nude Nuns with Big Guns.

Mr. Blond (Victor Vega)- A character in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. Involved in a diamond heist with five other men. He was responsible for crowd control, along with Mr. Blue.

Patrick Bateman-A fictional character, the antihero and narrator of the novel American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis, and its film adaptation.

Liquid Snake-A fictional villain in the Meal Gear video Game series. The former squad commander of High-Tech Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND, and the twin brother of Solid Snake.

Gren (Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener)- A supporting character in the anime Cowboy Bebop. Gay, a veteran of the Titan War and a saxophone player at the Blue Crow. After the war he was tried as a spy and imprisoned for three years.

Lady Gaga-An American singer and songwriter.


Shadowplay- The Killers

Dead Crusier-Kavinsky

Testarossa Autodrive-Kavinsky

Selfmachine-I Blame Coco

Stranger in a Strange Land-30 Seconds to Mars

Glass-Julian Casablancas

Games-The Strokes

Cat Daddy-The Rej3cts

Tell Me When to Go-E-40

Teach Me How to Dougie-Cali Swag District

All I need- Radiohead

Aenema- Tool


I know why you are here and what you are expecting. Dick Jokes. You know, Rude's specialty. Well, I mean, there are just too many to include. Just check the current Rude posting on the Boards. I'm sure he is performing one of his Famous Phallic Serenades.

Rude Quotes:

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