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Clan Lasombra
Sect Position None
Pack Position Priest
Status 7
Domain Ocala, Florida
Pack Winner's Circle
Path Path of the Abyss
Faction Importance N/A
Player Justin S



Ray, during Palla Grande

Alias(es): Ray

Real Name: Raymond Jackson

Apparent Age: Late 20s.

Concept: A biker or street thug that was nabbed by a Lasombra before a Brujah antitribu could get to him. Almost as passionate about the cause as the Brujah antitribu.

Physical description: Standing at 5' 10" with a very muscular build, Ray looks very much like a street thug when it comes to his attire. Leather jacket, black shirts, torn jeans, and worn boots are what he commonly wears. However, his voice is rather appealing to the ear.

Detailed Status: Positional - 3; Reputational - 4
Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Character Information

He almost always introduces himself as "Ray." Every time someone's asked him where he's from, all he's said is "Up north." Loud, proud, and dressed like a thug, Ray doesn't come off as the usual prim and proper, super serious, suit-wearing Lasombra.

Known History

At some point in Ray's past, his packmates were destroyed by forces of the Camarilla. Being the sole survivor, Ray had been hesitant to join another pack. However, the event has further fueled his hatred for any and all things that are Camarilla.

November, 2015: Ray arrives in Ocala, FL in time for the diocese's celebration of Palla Grande. Unfortunately, he made no friends that night. He seemed okay with that.

January, 2016: Ray attends the blood bath ceremony for the new Bishop, Douglas Tanner. Ray stands out among the others that participated by actually threatening to destroy the Bishop if he betrays the diocese while Bishop. He even went so far as to tell the new Bishop that he would become his nemesis. In addition, Ray found out that his own sire was alive and promptly started ragging on "Pops."

March, 2016: After being part of the losing team in a game of instinct, Ray tags along with his teammates and the local Archbishop to take down a Camarilla Gangrel elder. The fight was grueling, but the elder and his cohorts were defeated. Before the hunt for the elder began, however, Ray drew the ire of a local pack when he refused to participate in the Vaulderie with them. The resulting argument was settled by him being promptly staked after telling the pack's ductus to go fuck herself.

June, 2016: Ray tags along with the rest of the Ocala diocese to take down an organization that was assumed to be hunters. Despite the impressive technological arsenal used against the Cainites, they discovered that the threat was the work of werewolves and quickly destroyed them and the facility. Ray, among others, gained the status of "Defender," as a result.

August, 2016: Ray convinces the local Bishop, Douglas Tanner, that the gathered Cainites of the Ocala diocese can eliminate a nearby Ventrue elder that's been causing problems for the diocese. Although the first attempt to destroy the elder failed (which was a few months ago), the second attempt became a success. Several Cainites fought over who would diablerize the elder, but at the end of the night, Ray devoured the elder's soul. After informing the Bishop, he was granted the status of "Enriched."

October, 2016: During the night of Palla Grande, Ray finally decided it was time to join a new pack. After speaking at length with Geier and Daniel Conroe, the trio established themselves as the new pack, the Winner's Circle.

December, 2016: Ray joins a last-ditch effort with fellow Cainites to purge Ocala of the Daeva infestation. Although the resulting battle was fierce, the Sabbat prevailed by destroying a powerful Daeva and its minions.

May, 2017: After having spoken with and worked alongside clanmate Enrique Martinez for several months, Ray accepts Enrique's invitation to join the Loyalist faction.

January, 2018: Ray participates in The Binding, along with several other Cainites in Ocala. When asked if he was going to step away from the vaulderie that is part of the rite, he remarked that The Binding is one of the few vaulderies he would gladly participate in.

March, 2018: Ray, Daniel, and Geier welcome Ray's sire, Hale McKinley, to the pack, after Hale left the decaying remnants of his former pack.

April, 2018: The Winner's Circle welcomes Anne, a Tzimisce, to the pack, since she's free from her former pack's threatening clutches.

June, 2018: Ray assists in two operations at the end of the month: the first is an assault on a Setite temple in the diocese of Fort Myers; the second is an assault on a Camarilla elysium in New Smyrna Beach that results in the destruction of the local Prince. As a result of the second operation, Ray receives the status of Battle-Scarred by the visiting Archbishop Gueiss of Albany, GA. Before the second operation, Ray participated in the blood bath of now Archbishop Cosmus of Daytona.

Fall, 2018: Ray attends the blood bath of the newly appointed Archbishop Jackson. Much as with past blood baths he attended, he plainly tells the new Archbishop to not become a tyrant or betray the diocese, lest the new Archbishop's unlife be forfeit. Ray attends the local Palla Grande celebration in Ocala during October.

July, 2019: After being stuck in a fae realm for two months (although it only felt like hours), the work of Ray, his packmate Anne, and fellow Sabbat member Abdul bears fruit. They manage to dispose of some kind of powerful, nefarious spirit that was causing issues among the Cainite and mortal populations. With the spirit's removal, people that were once thought near dead or had become catatonic were returned to normal.

October, 2019: (Nonclave 2019) Ray travels up to northern Virginia with Daniel Conroe to hang with Cainites from around Virginia and other states near it. They meet up with a few other Cainites from the Ocala area in a strange coincidence. The Ocala Cainites assist the local diocese with a rescue operation to recover the local Bishop from the clutches of werewolves. After the utter massacre of the werewolves and the recovery of the Bishop, Ray was not seen for the rest of the weekend.


The Winner's Circle


Enrique Martinez - Fellow Lasombra & Loyalist - Deceased


The Camarilla


Hale McKinley





Character Inspirations


Riot - Three Days Grace
Immortalized - Disturbed
Army of the Night - Powerwolf
We Drink Your Blood - Powerwolf
Metal Machine - Sabaton


"Don't you call me a damn cat!"
"I refuse to be your Tanner, but I will gladly be your nemesis."
"No, I won't fight with you. You're not worth my time."
"You whined to the Archbishop about me not wanting to vaulderie with your pack? Wow."
"Nah, I was in a Vaulderie with you guys once, already. I'm good."
"What do you turn into, a fuckin' pigeon?"
"I told you fucks it was Jurassic Park!"
"Hey, so that werewolf magic didn't work on me. I'm pretty sure that means Lasombra are immune to werewolf magic."
"You think that's weird? My reflection's a goddamn zombie. THAT's fuckin' weird."
"What a bunch of chuckle-fucks."
"How is listening to metal stereotypical?
"Holy fuck, they multiply like rabbits!"
"You goin' senile in your old age, Pops?"
"Trick question! Everybody loves Caine more than me."
"My only advice to you is to not become a tyrant."
"Magic makes my fuckin' head hurt."
"I refuse to let a baby die for this. We're leaving. Now."


The Yankee accent's fake and is used just to annoy people. Ray even confirmed it!
Ray hates getting involved with any Vaulderie.
Ray REALLY dislikes Panders and Tzimisce. The two Tzimisce exceptions are Anne and Cosmus.
Ray clearly only likes other Lasombra.
Ray always seems to be angry at something. More often than not, it's the weather.
Unlike most Lasombra, Ray actually has a reflection. The catch is that his reflection is that of a rotting corpse.
Ray has a grudging respect for Sabbat members that wield magic, even though he claims to hate any and all magic.

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