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Clan Ventrue Antitribu
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Status 13
Domain Boston, MA
Pack 13th Crusade
Path Power and the Inner Voice •••
Faction Unknown
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Player Dave N
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Nigel Godolphin Osborne, Bishop of Boston

Charles Dayne

Real Name: Nigel Godolphin Osborne

Apparent Age: Late 20's

Concept: Lord of the Night

Physical description:

Detailed Status:


Battle-Scarred x1

Blessed x1

Blooded x1

Champion of Caine x1

Devoted x1

Feared x1

Glorious x1

Initiated x1

Ordained x1

Proven x2

Relentless x1

Undefeated x1

Reputation: He that Topples Giants, named by Cardinal Radu Bistri

Character Information

Known History

Charles Dayne, Prince of Hartford

For longer than any Camarillan Prince in decades, Charles Dayne sat atop the pile of bone and ash that was his Domain of Hartford. How many kindred died to place him there, and how many more will perish in the nights to come, now that he has returned? Allies, enemies, Tremere, criminals... and there are always the vampires who merely fade into the past, never to be heard from again.

Six years ago, it was whispered that a Warmaster had been given free reign to dispose of any who might challenge the Ventrue, his sword dripping red with the blood of Dayne's enemies. It was whispered that Dayne is Lasombra, and a traitor to the Sabbat. It was whispered that he held Hartford in an iron fist. It was whispered that the Kindred of Hartford were utterly loyal, and that even years later they waited only for his return. How much truth is there in whispers?

In August of 2009, Charles Dayne was awakened from Torpor by his old ally, Chase Ashford, and inducted into the Sabbat with the blessing of Cardinal Francisco Domingo de Polonia. Since then, reclaiming his original name, he has been at the forefront of every recent Sabbat victory in the Northeast, and in Mexico City, where he was one of the first to stand against the infernal Regent William Guarant. Though not without opposition or controversy, he has risen to the position of Bishop of Boston.

He was the undefeated Prince of Hartford.

Now that he is Bishop of Boston... what will he do?


the 13th Crusade

13th Crusade



Chase Ashford

Ella Scarpa

Father Erikon

Jordan Sinclair

Martin Blank

St Peter



Clan Tremere


Gilbert D'Harfleur (Deceased)

The Lady Justania







Robert Durley and Childer

Robert Durley (Deceased)


Anthony Durley

Antony Durley & Hannah Snow

G. Laurent (Deceased)

Hannah Snow

...and probably more.


Lianna Vasco, his 'Dear Sister'


"Rule Britannia"

"Princes of the Universe" - Queen


"Pax en Bello"

"...I thought you coated my blade with Scorpion's Touch," after Anastaz di Zegreb fell to ashes

"Hello, Cousin," to Dizagreb's Ventrue Archon at the point of a sword

"...what the Elder Hildebrandt means to say is..."

"Strike the 'give an Indian a blanket infected with Measles' item." - Reviewing a proposed Scavenger Hunt while Prince


Nigel & Waller Hidebrand

Before joining the Sabbat, Nigel was a Camarillan Prince

Nigel has not one, but two female Lasombra relatives, and has been mistaken for a Lasombra more than once.

Even while he was a Camarillan Prince, Nigel made use of Szlacta

Nigel was once invited to sit on a Court of Blood... whatever that is :)

Like his packmate Chase, Nigel is an accomplished sorceror

Nigel is responsible for the destruction of both the Tremere Justicar and the former Regent of the Sabbat

Nigel was never Camarillan, he was only posing while actually a Sabbat double agent

Nigel's Latin is... unique, both in accent and vocabulary. He learned a great deal of Roman street Latin from the Ventrue Methuselah Waller Hidebrand.

Natalie Margaret Catherine Windham Osborne is a relative of Nigel's through their mortal family.

"Osborne? Any relation to the Duke of Leeds?" - Vanity Fair

Nigel is currently missing after the big event in New Orleans, 2011.

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