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Clan Ravnos Antitribu
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Status 10
Domain NYC
Pack Merchants of Fate
Path Cathari ???
Faction Moderates
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Player Anthony G
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Alias(es): The Czar of New York

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 26

Concept, Original: an influential conman
Concept, Current: an influential conman

Physical description: Fury is a little over six ft tall. He has roguish good looks but a thin frame.

Fashion: Fury tends to wear collarless button shirts with a stud on the top button. He dresses in a lot of black clothing.

Detailed Status

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Character Information

Known History

Fury claims to have been born and embraced in New Jersey and that his sire was killed during the Week of Nightmares. He was alone thereafter, drifting from town to town. After being chased out of DC, the Sabbat picked him up and used him for information on the Camarilla, which he was more then happy to give. For his work, he was graciously allowed to join the sect, but he did not seem to want to stay long with those that brought him into the fold.

July 2011: he arrived in NYC, and used the connections he made there in life for the Sabbat... and his own hidden personal agenda.
August 2011:: Because of his cunning and resourcefulness, Ductus Hazel Grayson marked him as a probationary member of the Merchants of Fate pack.
September 2011: Participated in the Battle of the Potomac against Hadrian and his neo-Carthaginian infernalists. (Nonclave 2011). Was made an official member of the Merchants of Fate after the battle.
December 2012: Is made Templar to Bishop Alejandra Maricela Devareaux Reyna
February 2012: Bishop Alejandra Maricela Devareaux Reyna dies in Boston (she gets better!), while Fury was away. A week later, Fury walks the Gauntlet in New York City for his failure as Templar... and survives!
June 2012: Bishop Dragomir Grimaldi appoints Fury as Director of Mortal Affairs in his New York City war council. Fury leads a campaign against the agents of the Nosferatu Methusulah Chernabog.
September 2012: Participated in the Battle versus Elimelech. (Nonclave 2012)
November 2012: Appointed Bishop of New York City


Merchants of Fate: From left to right: Nate Monroe, Nick Fury, Hazel Grayson, David Test, Alejandra Devareux

Current Pack: Merchants of Fate

Merchants of Fate is a Sabbat pack in New York City that claims SoHo, NoHo, and Greenwich Village in the borough of Manhattan. The pack was formed in February of 2011. Fury joined the pack in September 2011.


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