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Clan Ventrue Antitribu
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Status 11
Domain NYC
Pack Merchants of Fate
Path Honorable Accord ???
Faction Unknown
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Player Rob
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Nate at Palla Grande in NYC, 2010.


Real Name: Nate Monroe

Apparent Age: 19


Physical description: Nate looks like a bum. ever since his journey onto the path of honorable accord started he has considered his outward appearance less and less important. choosing easy replaceable clothing with lots of pockets over any type of fashion. Nate's physical appearance tends to make him blend in with his lack of scars or tatoos, but his actions and loud manner tend to grant him the attention is appearance doesn't.

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Character Information

Known History

when Nate rose from the mass embrace he was given a bat, a direction and the order to kill. When the Enemies of the sect were destroyed Nate was one of two surviving the raid. He was quickly initiated into the sabbat and joined a pack.

shortly after his ductus was murdered by another member of the pack, Nate fled to find a new Home in New York. after only a month in New York Nate found himself in a similar situation. After joining 911 the Ductus was killed in monomancy by a packmate. But this time is was with just cause, the disgraced ductus had ties to the infernal. The entire pack was cleared by the inquisition, but the stink of that traitor still remained.

911 quickly gained both renown and power over the next year. At this point Nate Accepted the position of ductus of the pack and was ordered by Cardinal Palonia to also take the position of Bishop. He kept this position for five years trying to do his best to keep his morality stable and take care of the cities patrons.

in early 2010 Nate gave up the position of Bishop claiming he was "having a conflict of morality" and that his priest had advised him to step down from the position.

in 2011 911 disbanded because of internal disputes that are only known by those within the pack.


Merchants of Fate: From left to right: Nate Monroe, Nick Fury, Hazel Grayson, David Test, Alejandra Devareux

Current Pack: Merchants of Fate

Merchants of Fate is a Sabbat pack in New York City that claims SoHo, NoHo, and Greenwich Village in the borough of Manhattan. The pack was formed in February of 2011.

Merchants of Fate1.jpg

Previous Pack: 911







Character Inspirations


"Follow" (Sevendust)


"Freedom is the first rule, those that would violate that rule beware."


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