Mathew St. Hubert

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Clan Salubri Antitribu
Sect Position Voice of the Salubri
Pack Position Pack Priest
Status 7
Domain Fredrickburgs, VA
Pack Eyes in Tempest
Path Honorable Accord ••
Faction Order of St. Blaise
Faction Importance On Sabbatical
Player Ben C


Mathew St. Hubert

"I carry the Light of Truth. Do not pity those it blinds, for they never had eyes to see."


Simple Facts

Name: Mathew St. Hubert
Nicknames: Mat, St. Hubris
Home Diocese: New York, NY
Status:Initiated, Blessed, Enlightened, Faithful, Adept at Teaching (Blackcat), Preacher, Adept at Honorable Accord (Radu).
Pack: Eyes in Tempest
Contact: St. Hubert's's Phone
Height: 6"3
Weight/Build: Wiry frenchmen with scarred and well worn hands
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Apparent Age: Late 20s, Early 30s

Physical Description

Mathew has dark, angular features typical of Southern France. He was tall for his time, standing about 6'0. He rarely closes his third eye while at Esbat, and he can be found always wearing his Pack's cut of 'Faith and Fire' and 'Purity Under Granite'. A chain reliquary dangles from his left wrist, and nearly always wears gloves. Upon the opening of his hands, two fully functional, masterfully crafted (Body Crafts 7) mouths open up, and seem to be endlessly hungry. Perhaps in memory of his former life, he wears a WW II medical bag over his shoulder, where he keeps several old tomes in latin that he pours over when he has a moment to reflect upon the world. Often soft spoken, the Knight's third eye often glows when holy vengeance grows within his chest.
Related Traits/Merits: Natural Leader, Clean Cut


For all outward appearances, the Knight appears to be a somewhat reserved individual, typically opting not to touch others save for those whom he has deemed close friends. His emotional cues are small and hard to catch, save for when he is angry. Then it is clear to all where his blood hails from. He is, after all , a Fury.
Related Traits/Merits: Natural Leader, Commanding x 3, Elegant x 3


History of Before

As a mortal, he was a rather cold seeming youth. His Mother took up the oldest of professions, making it nigh impossible for him to know his Father. Life as a harlot's son was never simple, so the young sociopath found an interest in medicine, both using it to heal and hurt those around him. When the call for the Second World War went out, he did not hesitate to leave the life he cared not about. Bedside manners would not matter on the battlefield. Of course, they speak of becoming embraced as he lay within the trenches in France. But life did not always prepare its children.

History of After

The Embrace

Mat was embraced during the Second World War while he was in the trenches in France. He was found by the local Lasombra, and treated as a Body Guard and Fodder for several decades before his third eye opened when Adonai's call finally reached him. Mat met up with Adrienne while still in Europe, and they formed a pack with several other now deceased Sabbat. They encountered Shannon during a raid of a small Tremere Chantry - she was a cast off experiment. Wanting nothing to do with the politics of Europe, the pack headed west and reached the Americas where their new Ductus was initiated into the pack - John Blackstone.

Early Unlife

After arriving within Northern Virginia, the Fury continued to work on both Purity Under Granite's and his own Enlightenment, while gathering what information he can upon the Ritus of the Sabbat. While he was not a self admitted Noddist, he showed more than a passing interest in the history of the Dark Father. Mat has always been an oddity amongst his own kind as his eye has been known to glow both Red and Blue.
The Priest regularly visited the Diocese of New York, learning from the Cainites there, as well as further West. Having been one of the attending members during the Gathering in September 2012, the Salubri has voiced his concern about the Diabloist, and attended the following council. In November 2012, He received a crafted blade by Midnight Progeny. In December 2012, He was anointed Templar to Bishop Rebbecca King of Fredricksburg


In early January 2013, Purity Under Granite traveled to the Diocese of New York to visit their Sister Pack. While they were there, there were several meetings - between Bishops and Ducti, Bishop and Priests that occurred and yet it was the conversation and meeting of the Abbots that was the spiritual highlight that evening. While being chastised, the emotionless Knight received insight on what drove an Abbot, beyond the mere need for security. Some have the urge to aid others, not in Spiritual Enlightenment, but is more physical and mundane matters. The missing piece of the Truth of the Trifecta of the Pack.
Afterwards, Ductus Blackstone and Mathew were asked to join Midnight Progeny for the fight against the Nosferatu Elder. The plan was wise, having the Army of the Nosferatu to do battle with the Flesh Cathedral. The Sword of Caine used the might of mind and tactics. Rather than be caught between the two forces, they allowed their foes to weaken each other, then destroyed them. Within the Cathedral, Midnight Progeny and Purity Under Granite battle light forces until they came to a tree and a flesh crafted garden. The Nosferatu had brought a suitcase bomb, and all who could not resist the blast were told to flee. Somehow, the Ductus and Priest of Midnight Progeny were able to remain, ensuring the blast did not take down the sewers and city above.
The Binding in Mexico City saw members of Faith and Fire in attendance. However, they seemed to clash with the Keys of Solomon again. Hidden meetings, whispered words and promises of power. Would the pack fall to the Diabloists offer? It was a question on many minds.
They did not succumb. The pack continued to thrive. Later that year, at the 2013 Ecumenical Council, Mathew was chosen to be one of the appointed Templars and Gatekeeper for the meeting. He also, after speaking with the Inquisition, agreed to teach Simon the Harmonist a new, non-heretical path. And in April 2013, Purity Under Granite was given as a whole the status of 'Respected' by Bishop Jorska.
During the time of Beltane, when the Barrier between the Worlds fell, Mathew and Purity Under Granite heeded the call of the Archbishop of New Jersey and aided in the defense and completion of the Ritual. Bishop Blackstone won the game of Martial Combat, and Mathew aided in the tracking down of Inquisition McShay, the defensive plan for the siege, and preformed the Ritae for the Holy Warriors of the Sect. There was a rumor that when the powerful Ventrue duelist appeared, rather than rushing headlong into combat, the Salubri Priest used a claymore to stake the Ancient Warrior with a fully grown tree.
Mathew was there at the trial of Frank and Balthazaar and the battle against the Manticore. He seemed to have been involved with the planning, speaking alongside Lewis 1%er to the Manticore itself before it disappeared. After following the strange Beast to the liar that would become it prison, he ended up dragging a Lasombra Archbishop away from the Beast to ensure his survival.
Another marker appeared after the passing of Frank Siegler, and he was in attendance when Father Allen was assassinated. During the Remembrance of his Maitre, it seemed the Fury finally felt something - a blood tear or two marring his face as he embraced Father's Allen image for the first and last time. As Mathew said, Father Allen was the Sire he never had. And as Father Allen said, Mathew was the Childe he never had.
He was known to have investigated the death of Kurt Mekhmet, and yet another charm appeared upon his memory chain.

Mathew has been seen traveling the North East more frequently towards the end of 2013, including New York, Boston, and New Haven. He attended Palla Grande in the Diocese of New York. He has worked with the Archbishop Alvara regarding issues with his Diocese - even being offered a Templarship. The Knight once again turned down the great honor, stating that his duty to Clan and the Sect precludes his acceptance.
During the great gathering in New Haven, when the former Archbishop was put on Trial, a being seemed to possess Rowlins. As Archbishop Alvara prayed to Michael, Mathew's third eye opened and raw sunlight poured forth. The being could not pass, but marked the Fury's third eye. Rather than brown, it is now simply as black as the Abyss.


In 2014, the Knight seems to have grown more quiet, or at least more focused in his duties. Purity Under Granite split in two - Onslaught remaining in Virgina and Purity Under Granite taking up residence within New York. Josephine of the Toreador Antitribu has joined the ranks of PUG following the strangeness of the Ecumenical Council. Once more, the Salubri Antitribu was selected to be a member of the security force, standing alongside his Clan Mates and the Sons of Caine amongst others. Between stopping fights and organizing the defenses, the Knight was certainly busy and thankfully missed the Blood Breakers improper use of force. Some rumors that, once more, his ritual cup was used by an Archbishop to join the gathered clergy. It was mark the seventh time of public knowledge that his cup had joined large groups of Cainites together from all over the Country and beyond.


In 2015, the song from the Salubri grew stronger. With his new pack, the Coven, working out of New York, it seemed he grew tired of waiting and voiced his idea to make a book for Ignoblis Ritae. Many Priests joined his concerned, which all stemmed from his time at the third Ecumenical Council. He was part of the party which brought in the missing Carbone, former Regent. During the Monomacy, Mathew was staked by Ainbeartach as he seemed to have moved to interfere. The irony of course is that soon afterwards he helped settle a Monomacy without the need for violence.
As a Minister for the Order of St Blaise, he aided in the destruction of an Infernal Toreador and its Demon in Pittsburgh alongside Alejandra. He has begun to attempt to marshal a more unified front for the Order, traveling to where he is needed to lend aid via martial arms, tactics, and influence.
At the Grand Gathering in the Midwest (Grand Elysium), the Regent Radu honored him by giving him the status Adept at Honorable Accord after he spoke at the forum on behalf of his Path.


blh blah blah


Mat has returned to Fredrickburgs Diocese.




Their dance has been long and turmoutulous. Rather than star crossed lovers, they have been galaxies apart, never quite knowing how to touch. Duties stand. Will emotions prevail?

Eyes in Tempest | Pack

"I do not understand its ways nor its choices, but in the end, i know it thinks of our best interests at heart. When I can make it focus."
"A fellow academic and investigator. His unique insight has saved us from more than one misadventure."
"Mon mur"
"A once and forever nurse"


  • Mat feels that the Salubri Antitribu in general are full of potential. They have their chance to write their own story, seperate from what they once were. As the Voice of the Salubri, he takes it upon himself to ensure that the story of the Salubri Antitribu is heard.


  • Clan Tzimisce
  • Clan Assamite Antitribu
  • Clan Lasombra


  • Clan Tremere
  • The Baali
  • Hugo Valentine xoxoxoxoxo


  • No childer that he is currently aware of.

Character Insights



Eternal Knight

Moonlight Sonata
Yes I'm french
Raise Hell
I will follow you into the Dark
Fallen Angels
Wrong side of heaven

Words and Thoughts

Mat *sigh*
Mat St. Hubert | Something Something Dark Side


  • -sigh-
  • "What is your Soul's Truth?"
  • R. Diver "Brother Mathew is the kind of Cainite they just don't make anymore... A true knight without self-interest and a genuine heart towards the freedom we long for. If I could clone him, I would... Wait, I'm a scientist... Time to hit the lab!"



  • Archetypical Paladins from Catholic History


  • He is an Ancient Salubri who has just awakened once more.
  • He was a Pander that just happened to have Valern as one of his disciplines
  • He wishes to destroy all Blood Magic
  • He believe that by Diablorizing a Usurper, his Clan regains a piece of their Soul
  • He likes long walks on the Beach
  • He wishes to understand emotions
  • His body is naturally resistant to Magics
  • Has created a Game of Instinct based on fishing.
  • He staked a powerful Ventrue with a tree.
  • He is a special type of Fury called a Mediator
  • He is actually an Ancient Salubri, a Healer from days of old
  • Alejandra of the Lasombra currently wears an engagement ring, and has accepted his proposal.
  • He staked a Cardinal to finally earn Antonio's blessing to date his Childe.
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