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Clan Lasombra
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Status 10
Domain NYC
Pack Terminus Sanguineous
Path Honorable Accord •••••
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Player Jesse Jahn
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Bishop Martin Blank at Palla Grand, 2010, in NYC.
Templar Martin relaxing 2013, NYC

Brother Terminus, Captain Buzzkill

Real Name: Not Available

Apparent Age: Mid Thirties

Concept: The Dutiful Soldier

Physical description: An average looking street thug of average height and build, that likes his Lasombra black on black on black clothing. His ethnicity is questionable as something Mediterranean.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History


Currently, he is Ductus of Terminus Sanguineous, which claims Midtown East of Manhattan as theirs.



I can only give you the obvious one, his Packmates.





The Abyss (none, I am just having a chuckle at your expense)

Character Inspirations

Jack Burton, Dick Van Dyke, Nicholas Angel & Gareth Blackstock



"She is my Childe. Don't look at her. Don't think about her. In fact, whatever it is just don't."

"Here are some credit cards, Roxanne. Go shopping with Simon and Alejandra, but don't bring creepy Uncle Antonio."

"Did you just introduce yourself with "The" before something else?! I get comedy gold wherever I go!"

"No, you are a navel-gazing shit, sir."

"It would explain everything if you just said you were from somewhere in the Midwest."

"Another mysterious person with a past that is shrouded in mystery. Go join the rest of the commonplace mysterious people that are already here you super-special-snowflake-schmuck."

"Meet... Schlomo, my new zombie drinking buddy! This is the best Palla Grande, ever!!!"

"If you want to party with Antonio and Martin, you have to puff-puff-pass, not pass off on it and expect to hang... bitches!!!"

"The soul-patch look does not make you cool. The little bit of shit on your chin was meant for jailhouse bitches."

After several gunshots ring out "Shut up. You are making me make loud noises and we are trying to be all ninja like."

"I am Carnac the fucking Magnificent."

"Why hello there mysterious entity on the phone who's number I do not recognize."

"Fucking Costellos!"

"When I am wearing my ugliest Hawaiian shirt I am on vacation and that is a good thing."

"I'm gonna go fuck off over there."

"Stop making me think about you! Stop it! Stop it!"

"I really am part of that elite group that is not part of the Black hand and was a former Bishop of the Sabbat."

"No, I do not get any satisfaction out of torturing you. I don't get my jolly's tearing off your cock and making you eat it. That's just silly."

"Do you want me coming to your haven and make you scream three octaves higher than you normally did before as I beat you like cheap drum?"

"He was chained to my back and and then he went up in green fucking flames!!! No, they did not shoot out of my ass!" Walking down the street while talking on the phone.

"I am Captain Buzzkill, go ask my Packmates." -Martin, to just about anyone at any celebration.

"Come here... I must cleanse you." - A psychotic Martin, in a bloody mess of human remains, threatening his own packmates with a large sponge and a bucket.

"Fuck you, Chase." - Martin's greeting to Chase Ashford.

"Meet me at McDonald's... It's a great place to not be bothered about how you look. I suggest ordering the McFlurry, that is what Priscus Vykos ordered, I think it was enjoyed."

"I know how to tell if it is from Polonia's rug or not!", he mashes it up to his cheek. "Yep! That is most definitely Polonia's, I will never forget how the weave has felt on my face."


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