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Clan Salubri Antitribu
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Status 13
Domain Decatur, IL
Pack Crimson Hand
Path ? ???
Faction Black Hand
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Player Nate Franklin
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New Orleans, 2011

Alias(es): Marcus Rederick, and many others...

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 23

Physical description: 6' tall, blonde hair, grey eyes, 215 lbs., average build, inhumane.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

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Reputational Status:

Accomplishment Status

Character Information

Known History

Known for many years in the Sabbat as a Brujah Antitribu (and "Marcus Rederick"), Marcus Carrington was "outed" as a Salubri Antitribu by a Paladin to Cardinal Radu Bistri at Palla Grande some years ago. Said Paladin has since "gone missing." Known by many Sabbat of North America as being the oldest and longest active Salubri Antitribu of North America, Marcus took the last name Carrington (the last name of his Sire) soon upon embracing his lineage. Known as a formidable warrior, Marcus has killed (or assisted in the killing of) Archons, Princes, Pharaohs, and Dons alike. Perhaps this is what led to him being the first Salubri Antitribu recruited by The Black Hand. Despite his many accomplishments, little is know about the history of the man himself, as he remains relatively private.


Crimson Hand


Nikolai Obertus

Sister Jillian

Rush Hardly

John Daniels


Ethan O' Keefe

Luther Black



The Camarilla

Clan Tremere


Lance Stefan

Tiffany Cole

Alec D. Hatfield

Elias Beecher

Josh Washgow

Francis Merevein


Not known to the Sabbat.


Roger Collins


None known.


Marcus is so staunchly Sabbat that he has been known to kill True Sabbat who "pack jump."

Marcus' staunch Sabbat nature is what led to him being recruited for The Hand.

Marcus has killed multiple sect defectors and does so as a hobby.

Marcus is allies with certain sect defectors.

Marcus is in a coterie with sect defectors and Camarilla members.

Marcus spends all of his time in the Shadowlands when he is not on active duty in the Hand.

Most of Marcus' pack has never actually met him, let alone done the Vaulderie with him.

Marcus actively hunts infernalists.

Marcus is a known infernalist.

Marcus is responsible for Thornton's existence within the Sabbat, as he both recruited and trained him. Dr. Thornton was one of his "experiments."

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