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Clan Brujah Antitribu
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Status 5
Domain NYC
Pack Witchhounds
Path Honorable Accord •••
Faction Moderates
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Player Jeff Passarella
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Real Name: Marco Ursini

Apparent Age: 40

Concept: Anti-bully

Physical description: Marco is a huge bearish man.. standing 7'5" tall and weighing over 400lbs Marco is build like a powerlifter. He has unusual looks for an Italian with red/white hair/goatee, green eyes and pale skin attributed to his northern Italian heritage. He is unnaturally imposing, he was visibly quite the bruiser even when still human but his embrace has brought out a natural predatory cast to his appearance.

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Character Information

Known History

Marco is know to be the childe of John Morrissey but tries to not rely on his sire's reputation to further establishing his own name and way in the Sect. Shortly after joining the gatherings of the Sabbat in NYC he joined the new pack The Dead Man's Hand.

In December 2013 Dead Man's Hand disbanded as the Priest and Ductus moved to other parts of the country... Marco spent the next 6-ish months living with his Sire's Pack the Dead Rabbits in Red Hook watching the drama in NYC unfold.

As of the June 2014 gathering Marco has joined the pack Mandatory Conscription and anticipates the decision to not go well with his sire as the Ductus is a Loyalist.

The September Gathering saw Marco and Viking leave Mandatory Conscription to form their own Pack as Vic's Loyalist fervor was not sitting well with their paths.

At the end of 2014 joined the pack Angeli Bello.

As the Ductus and Priest and other members of Angeli Bello have been busy with personal matters Marco had earned a place in Bishop Chief's pack, The Witch Hounds as of July '17


The Witch Hounds

Ductus - Chief

Priest - √Čtienne Cadellane

Abbot - ?

Brother - Drake Thomson "Roughneck"

Brother - Marco Ursini






Character Inspirations




At the July '17 Esbat Marco was seen incapacitating Djaando in one hit.

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