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Clan Malkavian Antitribu
Sect Position Templar
Pack Position Ductus
Status 9
Domain Bridgeport, CT
Pack Ride or Die
Path Power and the Inner Voice ••
Faction Occult Underground
Faction Importance ???
Player Ash B



Mara Vandal, Spring 2018


Real Name:

Apparent Age: Late 20s.

Concept: Originally, just a shovel-head who was drastically unsuited for life in the Sabbat.

Physical description: When she first arrived to Bridgeport after the fight against Moncada, and what was wearing him, Mara tended towards short skirts and tall boots, with hoodies to hide her face and tangled red hair that seemed determined to resist even Potence-rated combs and brushes. Currently, the Party Templar has cleaned her act mostly up. She favors black and slutty -

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Character Information

Known History

Mara showed up in Bridgeport several months after the fall of Moncada in 2015, claiming to have been Embraced by a man in the city and forced to Embrace other seers in an attempt to shed some light onto Moncada. Her childer died in the fighting (which she does not like to talk about), and she was looking for a soft place to fall. Although Ascendant, a pack known for its ultraviolence and viciousness, seemed like the worst possible fit for her, she fell in with them as their roommate. After about a year, Mara seemed to decide she would finally join them. She could often be found with at least one other member of her pack, causing some form of havoc or dragging them towards a place they really needed to be.

At some point before the fall of Boston, she jumped off the Prudential Tower after Gabriel, who was fighting a gryphon at the time. She tells a new story of the event every time, although she doesn't know what actually happened, as she was torpored pretty quickly.

During the fall of Boston, Ascendant fought a retreat out of the city and was one of the last packs out, literally burning their way through the ranks of Daeva in their flight.

As the Cainites settled themselves in New Haven, Mara became a templar to one of the new bishops, a Lasombra named Angelina Alvarez. Alvarez did not care much for the position, and quickly resigned at around the same time that Archbishop Kit Ket did, leaving Alejandra Devareaux in charge of the diocese. Alejandra saw Mara's work, and elevated her to the bishopric.

In becoming a bishop, Mara finally found a place among her brothers and sisters, shedding the drugs and glitter on occasion to be a grown-up and lead the Sword in war, and in moments like the Treaty of Smoke. She was part of the original Sabbat group to get the Book of Shadows, and was considered one of THE leading experts on the Daeva among the Sword.

Mara served as a bishop of New Haven under Alejandra for roughly two years, but currently serves as Polonia's templar. There's less time for glitter and drugs, but she does fit in time for play. Tasked to investigate and end the threat of the Creatures of Smoke and Shadow, the threat ended (for now) in March 2020, Mara currently stands at a crossroads. Although Boston has been retaken, she has been spending time in Bridgeport, or across the world on a variety of issues. She might pop up in Budapest laying groundwork for the Crusade, or on a beach somewhere with a guitar and a


She's known for being a much more liberal bishop than many of her brothers and sisters in the clergy, supporting a Nomadic Cardinal and holding generally good relations with the Loyalists. Mara blames this on being "Too much of a Yankee to believe in taxation without representation."


Mara has started a new pack called Ride or Die, of which she is the Ductus.



Mara Vandal is drugs and glitter given the shape of a woman. Who couldn't get along with that?


Jack Cock


Cassie White

Arvid Vandal



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