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Past Era
Originally a member of the Aragonese nobility in northeastern Spain, Lucita was always a rebel. Her sire, Ambrosio Luis Monçada, embraced her at the age of 17, though she soon became disgusted with both him and her clan, the latter after the formation of the Sabbat. Despite her rebellious nature, she is every inch a noblewoman, and feels the Lasombra lack true nobility, something she also feels has gone from the mortal world.

Current Era
For some time Lucita was independent, accepting pricy contracts to kill powerful Cainites on behalf of whoever had the money to hire her. Sometime after a particularly severe onset of ennui (and some sungazing sessions), she was called back to her sire's side in Spain. While there, she inadvertantly aided the Assamite Fatima al-Faqadi in killing him. Shortly thereafter, the Sabbat captured her, held her accountable for her sire's destruction and forced her to investigate strange events involving powerful displays of Obtenebration as a degree of forced penance.

Through working with (and eventually joining) the Sabbat, she was able to stave off the pull of oblivion. In doing so, however, she was forced to cast off the humanity that remained and embrace the Path of Night, a path which her hated sire was instrumental in shaping. Later, she would rise to the rank of Archbishop. Seeking to claim her place as Moncada's successor, Lucita rose within the ranks of the Order of St. Blaise hoping to claim her legacy.


Sire:Ambrosio Luis Moncada

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Physical description:
Lucita is tall, and has a dusky, classical tone to her skin. She has black hair, but there is no Moorish influence to her features. Lucita prefers to dress the part of the aristocrat or noble rather than the warrior, in order to conceal her true abilities. Still, even these clothes are typically dark and somber, favoring ease of movement rather than fashionable presentation.

OWBN History

  • Joining the Order of St. Blaise, Lucita presents an interesting rivalry to Bishop Josephus command over the faction.
  • Lucita was present at the Convention of Fire among the rest of the Sword of Caine. It was said that though she spoke to many, one in particular named Fatima resulted in a brief but intense conversation. Few know what was aid between the two though.
  • Lucita considers the Cardinal of Spain, Eleiser de Polanco, a rival. Many assume Lucita seeks to move to become the Archbishop of Madrid (displacing her broodmate who is the current Archbishop) and eventually become the Cardinal of Spain itself.

Storyteller Information

Character Information
Clan: Lasombra
Faction: Order of St. Blaise
Whereabouts: Aragon, Spain
R&U: Coordinator
Controlling Coordinator:

  • This Character is a NPC for OWbN Sabbat.
  • Portraying Coordinator: Sabbat Coordinator
  • Also been portrayed by: Elixon Lopez



AKA:The Watcher, Prodigal Daughter

Clan: Lasombra
Year Embraced: 1170 AD
Generation: 7th
Path: Path of Night 3

Sect: Sabbat
Pack:Torre Quebrada
Faction: Order of St. Blaise
Position: Archbishop

Status: (15)

Initiated, Feared,
Feared, Feared,
Proven, Relentless,
Enlightened, Loyal,
Ominous, Preacher
Charred, Blooded
Battle Scarred, Martial

Clanbook: Lasombra Revised
Transylvania Chronicles
Nights of Prophecy
Clan Novel Saga
Lasombra Clan Novel Trilogy

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