Lucian Suarez

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Clan Lasombra
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Status 9
Domain NYC
Pack ???
Path Road of Abyss ••••
Faction Black Hand
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Player Shane King
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Real Name:Lucian Suarez

Apparent Age: 28


Physical description: He stands at six feet, is most often seen in black baggy pants and a dark shirt, and the ever present black leather cowboy hat.

Detailed Status:

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Character Information

Known History

Lucian was the first Bishop of Duluth. What is known about him leaving the city is only that he was called to serve a Priscus in Mexico City, its not even really known which Priscus that he served only the Prisci knew for sure whom he served and what he did.

When he returned to Duluth he was no longer a Templar but had been selected by the Black Hand to serve. At first this was not well known, but then a former packmate began talking to anyone that would listen that his new Ductus was Black Hand. When asked what he does for the Hand Lucian will simply smile and walk away, saying "That is not your concern" if he says anything at all.


Currently None, applications are being accepted.



He is a Lasombra, there are enemies but he makes certain to keep that to himself.




Leon Suarez
Edena Ricci


Character Inspirations

Agent 47- Hitman

El Mariachi- Desperado

Hoot -Black Hawk Down

James Bond -Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace

Michael Westen - Burn Notice

Arthur Bishop- The Mechanic


Burn It to the Ground- Nickelback
Man in Black - Johnny Cash
Wait and Bleed -Slipknot
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay-Boom) Shinedown
Indestructible- Disturbed


"Death, it is such a comforting thing, so seductive, so beautiful, hold your throat out, I will show you what I say is true."

"This is the Sword of Caine, lessons do not come lightly here"


Has killed more Lasombra within the Sword of Caine than without.

The reason that Lucian is so skilled at converting Camarilla members is that he was once a Camarilla member before his conversion to the Sabbat.

Lucian spends more time stroking his ego than he does actually working for the black hand.

Lucian never died. Instead he faked his death, murdered Warren Van Kirk, and took Warren's place in the Sabbat. No one is the wiser.

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