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Clan Toreador Antitribu
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Status 8
Domain Boston, MA
Pack Nightfire
Path Cathari ••••
Faction Inquisition
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Player Mel F
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Leanna in New Orleans, September 2011


Real Name: Leanna Faith McShay

Apparent Age: about 17-18


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Character Information

Known History

From the Diary of Leanna Faith McShay

Dear Diary,

I found this all covered in dust from lack of use and decided to write again. In case I someday lose my mind, I thought I’d write how I came to be in the position I am today.

I remember the night as clearly as if it was yesterday. The night that would change my life forever. I was in my room practicing a dance routine for a play I was to be the lead in for school. The music was up pretty high so I wouldn’t hear my parents arguing. They were always at each other’s throats those days. My dad sometimes got so mad that he would hit either my mother or even me if I just happened to be close enough. And since I would try to get them to arguing so much at first, I felt the biggest brunt of his anger on more occasions than I can count.

Nevin was so lucky he moved out when he did. I wish I could have gone with him. I loved my brother. We had always been best friends before family. I cried when he went away to college with his girlfriend, Alice. I didn’t want him to leave me alone. I know it’s selfish. He had his own life to live. Never mind dragging his kid sister around with him. But at least I knew he’d be cared for.

I liked Alice. She treated him so much better than those other girls he used to bring home. But then I heard she had died. I forget the exact details of her death though. I tried talking to Nevin about it, but it almost seemed like a part of himself died along with her. Nevin ended up dropping out of college soon after she died and got really heavily into the Occult. He tried explaining it to our parents, but they just didn’t understand where he was coming from. Or, rather why or how the Occult would benefit his life. Fucking parents! They think everything you say or do has to have a way of benefiting you in some way, or it’s just not worth doing. I don’t get it. (Our parents may have been assholes, but before that, they were very devoted Christians. Me and Nevan would be dragged to church every Sunday as children. Now I think they’ll just burn in hell fro all eternity.)

I understood perfectly fine what he was getting into it for, though. He told me he wanted to bring Alice back someway, and he would do whatever it took. I hoped it would work, although I secretly feared what would happen. After I found out what he wanted to do, I looked it up at the library and found out that when and if it worked, he would have to face serious consequences. The books stated that for every good there’s an evil. Plus the whole, what do they say? What you do comes back threefold? I don’t understand exactly what that means but it didn’t sound good at all to me. At first he would call me and let me know how he was doing with this spell and then I didn’t hear from him for a long while. Then the day I feared would come happened. One day my parents sat me down and told me he was killed. My mother at first was very much upset but my father just glared at her and said turning to me, “He had what was coming to him. When you mess with the dark powers, you have to face the consequences. And he did.” He raised his hand to my mother, and as he cowered away from his hand he told her loudly, “Hope, I swear to fuckin God, I WILL NOT have you cry over that……..blasphemer screwing up. There is nothing to be upset about. I told you this would happen didn’t I? Well, ANSWER ME!!” He went to swing at her and I jumped towards her, taking her blows and all the while yelling at my father for being an inconsiderate prick. So as you may well have guessed, that didn’t bode well for me. He got pulled up and dragged me to their bedroom by my hair and tied my wrists and ankles to their bedposts. He whipped me until I was so bloody and bruised I couldn’t feel anything anymore. That didn’t stop me from berating him over and over again how he has no idea as usual what he’s talking about and if he knew what love was he would get was Nevan was trying to accomplish. He just lashed back with “If you and your mother died I wouldn’t notice.” SMACK! There’s a sharp pain across my stomach which knocked the breath out of me and sent stars flying as I almost blacked out. “You are both the most pathetic creatures who ever dared to breath.” SMACK!! Now he swung at my legs. “You know what your going to grow up to be? A whore. That’s all.”

And then he did what scared me more than anything he has ever done before. He climbed on top of me, leather belt still in hand and had this crazed look in his eyes. He started grinning wickedly at me. “I knew you wanted this. You stupid, stupid fuckin whore.” He whipped at my face and I felt my cheek dripping blood. He got quiet for the first time and brought out a bandanna he had in his pocket and looked at it for a moment before looking back at me. “No, I want to hear you scream. You stupid bitch.” He had his zipper down and was working on my pants before I could comprehend what he was planning. I was still a virgin at that time, wanting to please my parents and waiting until I got married. He found a way to both glare and grin as he penetrated me. I screamed at the sudden pain and kept screaming the entire time my father raped me. All the while slapping me in the face screaming that this is all I was good for.

After he had finished his fun, he climbed off, did up his pants, and pulled mine back up, slowly, and looked at me with a warning glare on his face. “You tell your mother about this and I’ll punish you in ways your whore of a mind couldn’t comprehend. Got it?“ Terrified, tears rolling down my face I nodded. He turned and just walked out of the room. I heard him yell to my mother to untie me. I had learned my lesson about respecting her elders. I wish I could say, it ended there, but I began getting woken up at night with him dragging my legs until my back was still on the bed but my feet were on the floor and he would continue where he left off. I opened my mouth to yell for help but he slapped me and said if I made a single sound, he would never stop. He would keep fucking me until it killed me. I believed him and didn’t make a sound except whimpering. I turned towards the door and for a split second I thought I saw a shadow quickly move away.

After that I just went absolutely crazy. I started cutting myself just to try to ease the pain. My father stupidly just thought the cuts were from him and delighted In them, saying they were his trophies. I tried drugs, but that only helped for a small period of time.

After that, I got desperate to find an escape. I often went outside to find a random dog or squirrel or whatever other animal I could find and tortured them with a razor blade. I wanted them to feel the kind of blinding pain I was in. I delighted in the way they shrieked in pain. I wanted to savor the moment. I took my time with them all. Slicing their toes off, their ears, tails, legs. Finally, I sliced the stomach open and turned to the notebook I always carried. I took out a brush from my purse, stuck it in the blood pooling around the body of the animal and drew the tormented animal. I paid careful attention to detail on the facial expression and state of….I guess you would call it disarray of the body. It was exhilarating knowing I controlled their future. They would die. No doubt about that, nut I would decide how and when.

At home was a different story. It took me a while, but I soon learned that dancing took me away from it all when I was stuck in that hell hole. At least for a short while, I could be another person, in another time with family that cared for me like my brother used to. I just took over the characters I played. They became me. I got movies and learned to copy their dances and lines. I secretly joined the local theater cast and after a time was cast as major roles in the plays. They were impressed that this untrained girl who knew mostly nothing about theater was such a natural.

So, back to the night of remembrance. My music was able to drown out, somewhat, the screaming and crashing that I heard coming from downstairs. I turned to the stereo and cranked the volume up. I turned away from the door and started getting into character again. We had our opening show at the theater in 2 weeks. I didn’t hear the door open to my bedroom, but the voice I heard snapped me back to reality. “You’re looking lovely tonight, sister.” I turned around and eyes wide backed up a step. Nevan smiled and put his hand out. “I’m not a ghost Anna. I’m really here.” I took a deep breath and touched his hand. As soon as I felt flesh, cold as it was, I ran into my brother’s arms crying. “I thought you were dead. Mom and Dad said you were dead.” He put his arms around me and kissed the top of my head. He looked down and stared at the scars and more fresh marks on my arms and looked at me almost sadly. “Even death couldn’t keep me from coming back to get you out of this hell hole. Now, wait here. I just have a few things I have to take care of with our mother and father.” I looked scared at the sound of his name and I guess started shaking. “What is it Anna? What’s he done to you now?” I started shaking my head and fell to the floor and held my knees to my chest. “I can’t or it’ll get worse. He won’t stop.” I cried and put my head down. Nevan was pulling me up in the quickest motion I ever saw. He grasped my shoulders and I winced. He apologized but didn’t let go. “Leanna, what did he do?” “He said I would never be anything more than a whore and then he…….and then he…….” I burst into tears hysterically. “Leanna, did he rape you?” I winced and wrapping my arms around my chest nodded after a moment of hesitation. Nevan swore under his breath with mostly made up words. He paced around the room a few times. “I didn’t want to Nevan, I swear. He made me.” Nevan stopped short and wrapped me in his arms. “You didn’t do a god damn thing wrong. Damnit!! I never should have left you. I promise I won’t ever leave you again.” He lifted my head to stare him in the eyes. “I promise. Wait here a moment. I’ll be back.” I caught the distinct look of pure anger and hatred in his eyes. He kissed me on the forehead and left, shutting the door behind him. He said something I couldn’t hear to whoever was waiting outside the door for him and I heard his footsteps going downstairs.

Inquisitor Leanna McShay with her Iron Reliquary, September 2011

I couldn’t believe it. He was alive! And he promised he would take me out of here with him. I just hope I hadn’t disappointed him when he saw my arms. But he had to know the pain and torment I had gone through since I heard the news that he had died. I knew what he meant to do to our parents and the thought shook me to the core. Something had changed about Nevan. And it seemed dangerous. But I knew he would never let anything bad happen to me. I smiled as I turned my music back on and my door opened again. I turned around expecting Nevin to be standing there but it was another man I didn’t recognize. He wasn’t bad looking. Black hair kind of spiked up and was dressed decently, for a skater. I caught a sight of a spray can in his pocket.

He smiled at me. “My, but aren’t you a pretty little thing. Not a bad dancer either. He said to make sure nothing happened to you, but I know he only wants the best for you. So I’m sure he won’t mind if I only have a little taste for myself first, seeing as I AM playing babysitter. Gotta make sure you’re worth all this trouble.” At that he lunged at me so fast I didn’t have time enough to react. He was just a blur. He grabbed me by the waist by one arm and held my hands away from his face with the other. I felt him smell me for a second and sigh softly and then he leaned over and licked my neck slowly and deliberately. I heard, or more accurately felt him moan softly and then he leaned in again and I felt his teeth sink deep into my neck. I screamed in shock more than for pain which I later realized never came. I felt my strength slowly fade away and the world went black as I felt myself dying.

I awoke seeing Nevin sleeping on a chair next to my bed. I didn’t know where I was or how long I had been asleep for. It looked like a hotel room. The shades were shut tight but I didn’t see any sunlight through them so I was guessing it was either overcast or night. I slowly sat up and Nevin immediately jumped up. The room started spinning the moment I turned my head side to side. “Hey there sis. How you feeling?” Nevin checked my eyes and started moving his finger left to right in front of my face. I swatted him away. “What the hell are you doing? I’m fine Nevin. Just a little woozy for some reason is all. I haven’t been eating well lately I guess. Where are we?” I looked around to try to find some marker of some sort with a name on it. “We’re in a motel about 2 hours out of town.”

He got up and I grabbed his arm so he would sit back down. I looked at him closer now. It had been a hell of a long time since I had seen him. The first thing that startled me about him was his eyes. They had once held a glimmer in them. Especially when he was laughing. Now they were as dark as an abyss. He held a sort of dominating presence as well. He seemed more sure of himself and what he could do. He held an aura like he could face off against a gang alone and come out on top. Whether he could or not was a different story. He seemed like he thought he could.

“Why did you come back?” Was all I could muster to say. He looked shocked. As if I should know exactly why he was here. “To get you out of that hell hole to somewhere safe. Now, we’ll have time later to talk. You need to eat.” Nevin being Nevin didn’t really explain much of anything that I could understand. He mostly ranted and mumbled to himself. He took me outside and explained about feeding and such and explained the rules he had been taught: And also he explained what I had become. I laughed at first. It was ridiculous! I wasn’t in a damn movie. What the hell?! He sadly smiled and waving his arms around him said “welcome to hell. Where people who don’t deserve to be here end up. It ain’t fair, but it can’t be changed. And for the record, I didn‘t want you to have to deal with this already. I wanted to prepare you for what it would be like first and change you myself. But as usual, no one ever listens to me and HE embraced you instead.” He glared and nodded to his side where I hadn’t seen anyone a moment before and 2 men dressed as dark and mysterious as Nevin walked over to us dragging the man who bit me. I had turned to Nevin confused. “So I wasn’t dreaming?” “No Anna. You weren’t. Luke here decided he wanted to be selfish. So Luke is going to teach you everything he knows. You have abilities that you will find out about soon enough that will allow you to move faster, See things others can’t, and get people to notice you. And Luke is an expert.” Luke walked slowly to me and glared at Nevin. For some reason it made me smile. He and I walked away from the group and he explained what I needed to know. I looked down at my night clothes and looked at the stores. He caught my look and smiled. He wasn’t that bad. He was super nice and explained things so I could grasp the concept and meaning of the words.

“Come on then, Leanna. Let’s get you some clothes. What’s your fancy? Do you have a certain art you like? Our kind dresses like the art we like doing. Me? I’m a tagger.” He pulled his spray can out and marked the side of a building with some strange symbol I didn’t recognize. “I dance? I’d like to still do it, but I don’t think I can anymore.” “So you want something you can move freely around in? Like a dress?” I thought for a second and shook my head. “I want to dress completely out of the ordinary from what I’ve always worn. Like that” I pointed to a goth store that had a short skirt, corset top and wonderfully uncomfortable 6inch high knee high heels that were set up in a window. We went in as they were ready to close and convinced the man behind the counter to let me have the outfit. I walked over to him and ran a hand down his cheek. He shivered and I whispered a bunch of sweet words into his ear. I felt something go through me and he was suddenly so involved in what I was saying that he agreed to let me get the clothing. We went back to the group and Nevin smiled. “You’re looking lovely tonight sister. Let’s go”

He decided to take me to Salem, Mass, because that’s where he’d been staying as of late. He told me about the Bishop Chase Ashford, how he was really chill for a Brujah and that’s why he scares Nevan. Something about silent rage freaking him out more than loud rage does, I dunno. Then there was his sire, Shara Devereux. Who he described as his mentor, not much else. I met her briefly and she treated me like a small child trying to protect me. How does one learn if she’s kept away from everything? Jason Blackwell was another person of power who seemed to object to a lot of things that Chase said. He has this huge sword he carries around. There were a number of other people he told me about but I can’t keep names straight. There’s this one guy who blew up a cemetery and laughed about it afterwards. I try to stay to the back to stay out of the way so I miss a lot of what people may say to determine my opinions.

I met Antonio soon after moving into Salem. He seemed really nice and I found out that he also followed my path. So needless to say, we had A LOT in common, and we never ran out of different ways to explore and experiment on one another. To this day we even share a coffin. It’s nice. Having someone as him as our Ductus. Someone dependable who’ll get shit done properly the first time and not dodge bullets to do so. . Plus, he’s earned the trust of the Bishop, so we definitely have the perfect person to lead us.

Nevan, as much as I love my brother, just seems to get himself into a heap load of trouble no matter where he goes. He’s our priest but I don’t know a lot about what he does, except it seems to fit since that’s what he’s always been into, since I could remember. I don’t think he fully knows that his actions lead to consequences, you’d think he’d have learned by now, but he will one way or another. Sadly, I fear his actions may lead to his final death. But he tries to make up for his wrongdoings. And I’m proud of him for doing so. He just jumps before he realizes its too late. But, don’t we all at some point?

Gluttony, Gluttony, Gluttony. Where the hell do I begin? Since we met him, I’ve personally wanted to kill him. He would start crying whenever he saw an innocent person get hurt or killed, and probably even when they broke a nail. But at Festivo, we found someone able to fix him. Apparently, he killed his brother and that part of him got all sorts of fucked up. And it ended up becoming a sort of multiple personality. But he’s just done some stupid shit and I’ve wanted him deader than dead.

Vincent, I really don’t care much for either. He’s not around much, and when he is I wish he wasn’t. He wants things his way and pays no mind for anyone else in his pack. He also never seems to be around when shit hit’s the ceiling, but just happens to show up when the earth rotates normally again. I’m beginning to think he may just be a coward.

James is one of my good friends. Although, he just seems bent on going after his sire, Chase. James keeps things light and most of the time takes serious issues with a grain of salt or rushes forward with problems that could wait. He’s very rash and I fear his actions could lead to all our downfalls. Gotta keep a close watch on him.

That’s it for the pack. I need to learn more about them to get more of a feel of what they can do and contribute. We’re all learning in our own ways, I hope I’ll be more useful soon.

I look at the seats of power and a part of me, like maybe many others, wonders if I’ll ever be good enough to sit in them. I’ll try. I’ll stay in the back and learn all I can and someday, maybe, just maybe I’ll be someone others look to for advice and help. For now, I’ll bide my time. Work my way slowly to the top. Impress the right people, work hard and I can do it. And time is everything I have now, so I can wait.

Until next time,

Leanna Faith McShay



Nightfire is a pack based out of Boston, MA.




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