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Clan Assamite Antitribu
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Status 10
Domain Lexington, KY
Pack Forsaken
Path Honorable Accord •••
Faction None
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Player Greg
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Alias(es): No known aliases

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 35

Concept, Original: Fallen Warrior
Concept, Current: Hanging Judge

Physical description: Tall and lean, Kurt does not stand out in most crowds. Obviously of European origin, he is broad shouldered and tan with militant-cut dark blond hair. His style appears in flux as he lets go his past but remains a bit stiff.

Detailed Status:

Position Reputation Accomplishment
  • Initiated as a member of the Sabbat
  • Enlightened as Pack Priest
  • Feared as an Assamite
  • Proven by word of Archbishop Lucas of Lexington, KY
  • Relentless by word of Bishop TJ Whitney of Parkersburg, WV
  • Supported by Sanguinis Angeli
  • Blooded by word of Bishop Sam Hall of Detroit, MI
  • Charred by word of Bishop Nick Fury of New York, NY
  • Fortified by word of Edward the Saint of Lexington, KY
  • Vanquisher by word of the Consistory for the Battle of Moloch

Character Information

Known History

Kurt's Blade

Kurt is known to have wandered into a Camarilla gathering in 2002 under Prince John Keats where he was Acknowledged solely for his martial skill and with little discussion on his own opinion. He served quietly under several princes including Michael Heartsblood, Mr. Indigo, Selene Lazarion, Drake Matthewson, Dr. Wolfgang Ruehe, Joshua Swan and many others. His actions led to a belief in his martial skill and ability to circumvent even the most hale of opponent. As time wore on, Kurt became visibly agitated with the Camarilla in general and the Schism in particular. After disappearing for a number of years, his return was unheralded but this lack of direction became more evident with his mercurial actions.

In July 2011, Kurt fought against and then beside the Sword against the infernal forces of Hadrian in Detroit. In the second attack, it is known that Kurt again came to the aid of the Sword without regard to the Camarilla's laws. Thrown into the Abyss along with the entire force, Kurt fought against the forces with skill and acumen - assisting any regardless of sectarian affiliation.

In September, Kurt again was faced with Hadrian in the District of Columbia. Working with his clan and with the true sacrifices of both a Schismatic sorcerer and a warrior of the Sword, the magicks preventing assault on the Hadrian's forces ended. Kurt fought shoulder to shoulder with Sam Hall, Frank Siegler, Hazel Grayson and many others.

After the battle ended and walking amongst the Camarilla, his actions against Hadrian were called into question - not for his devotion but for the protection of the Sabbat. When the decision was made to refuse acknowledgement of the sacrifices made by both sides, Kurt stumbled off seeking enlightenment.

His travel took him back to Frank Siegler, Hazel Grayson and the Sword of Caine.

Over the months since, Kurt has thrown himself into the philosophy of the Sword, embracing the strength and honor at its very core. He has worked diligently within his diocese and without to strengthen the Sabbat with both vital information and his unwavering blade.

In Detroit, Kurt joined Sam Hall and his pack to face down the remaining generals of Moloch's Army - Micah, Ellah of Carthage, Zin'tas and Sab'een. Although costly with the losses of Ashley, Kyle Foster and Wolfgang Von Clausen the force was able to prevent the ritual from enactment. Immediately departing for the war against Moloch himself, Kurt again threw himself at the fore of battle - brutalized by the infernal forces yet joining in the removal of Moloch's presence - at least for now.

Recent transitions in Lexington have resulted in the break up of his pack. Although there is no apparent animosity, people are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

In July, a new pack was formed of the remnants with a rather auspicious goal - a bond between brothers in support of the common goal, the Sword of Caine. The Corps holds members from many factions and none, placing the sanctity of the Sabbat first. As the nights move forward, we work to strengthen the whole - a collection of equals.

With heavy heart, Kurt left the Corps in May of 2013. Not taken lightly, the actions and reactions of his pack to the Ecumenical Council decisions tore into the pack. Today, Kurt seeks the righteousness in the Sword. In recent nights, he has been seen from New York City to Yuba City and beyond. He has been seen counseling and being counseled by nearly every faction of the Sabbat. Throughout it all, he remains unaligned, seeing only to the strength of the Sword itself.

In July, Kurt suffered two blows. The first was the removal of Balthazar as Bishop and thus his role as Templar. Although this caused him a moment of pause, he seemed actually strengthened in the end. Immediately following this was the discovery that Frank Seigler met his final death. No one is quite sure what this shall mean.


On 17 May 2013, Kurt was ordained with the formation of a new pack, Forsaken.

Previously, Kurt was a member of:


With his continued time in the Sword, Kurt is slowly being accepted by his peers. He considers his allies as...


Many of his former ties will want him removed when they learn his betrayal. He seems unimpressed, accepting his new role with a somber diligence.


Everyone is sure Kurt has diablerized, no one is sure how much.


Kurt's only known childe is Lucas Grunwald, deceased.


Kurt has no known brood mates and doesn't seem to discuss this, ever.

Character Inspirations




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