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Name: Keyuri Krittikas

Alias(es): Flower, Daughter of Blood

Diocese: New York, NY

Pack: Sanguinis Angeli

Contact: Keyuri's PO Box in Old Westbury, NY

Apparent Age: Mid- to Late Teens

Appearance: Short, at just a little over five feet tall, Keyuri is of East Asian origins, skin a light bronze in color and eyes a dark brown with long, long black hair. She likes to believe she is only moderately attractive, though other Cainites have stated otherwise. She prefers to dress in Victorian and Lolita-influenced styles when out in public, a seeming doll to accompany her Priscus to hide her true strength as a witch-priestess and warrior.

Personality: Keyuri is, at times, quite shy, particularly when placed in situations that require a measure of etiquette. However, to those that know her, she can be a bullheaded girl-woman, equally as kind as she is quietly commanding. She often prefers to be friendly with others, even those she considers enemies. With the exception of the Tremere, of course--to them, she would burn the world to rid it of them.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

  • Feared (Ductus of Sanguinis Angeli)
  • Initiated (True Sabbat)
  • Ominous (Templar to Priscus Sascha Vykos)
  • Respected (Templar to Priscus Sascha Vykos)

Reputational Status:

Character Information

  • Known Templar and Librarian to the Very Reverend Priscus Sascha Vykos
  • Former Bishop of New York City, NY (from August 2013 to June 2014)
  • Known Noddist Scholar
  • Member of the Ecclesiastical Faction

Known History

Where Keyuri comes from, noone really knows. To her, she is just from New York. Truth is, she appeared out of the blue one summer day in New Hampshire, dragged along by her then-future packmate, Chase Ashford. She stayed in Boston for approximately a year before moving to New York City in 2012. She has since then made a name for herself among the Cainites there and elsewhere, establishing her pack and developing allies. She was Bishop for nearly a year from the summer of 2013 to the summer of 2014. In truth, she stepped down from the bishopric to enter into service under the itinerant Priscus, Sascha Vykos, whom she had already been known to work for (though more as its dedicated librarian and student), alongside its other Templars. She is very dedicated to this purpose and her pack and serves as both Ductus as well as the only remaining Templar in service to the Vykos (aside from Fairuza). She is also known to spend an ample amount of time in Sri Lanka in service to the ancient Fiend known as Ratti-Ben.


Pack: Sanguinis Angeli

2011 08-16 - sanguinis angeli-finished.gif
  • Pack Priest: Chase Ashford | "My brother, my friend, a compatriot to the end."
  • Abbot: Nikolai Sergeyevich Ivanski | "Sometimes a rocket launcher is the only solution to the problem."
  • Brother: Amir Qadr | "Some say we are barred from heaven, but the soul knows no bounds to those who believe."
  • Sister: Roan Michaud | "Kitty!"
  • Brother: Sapazica | "We all start somewhere and sometimes that is a century in a library."
  • Brother: Rook | "So long as Allah wills it, so shall it be."
  • Brother: Naresh | "First of us, last of us, always a friend and adviser."
  • Brother: Sam Cavanaugh | "What does one say about a ghost?"
  • Brother: Dasai (Deceased) | "Pray not to the slain, but to the murderers whom vengeance shall seek."



  • Judge Inquisitor Muse | "Selfish, a girl that could never see beyond her own desires, her own history."
  • Tremere | "The Usurpers are a stain on Cainite existence--nothing more, nothing less. Scorch the earth when they come."
  • Victor Leandros (Frienemy) | "Freedom does not come without a cost. Perhaps others may learn this one day."


  • Francisco Domingo de Polonia, Cardinal | "Love and Loyalty, not so different in feeling, but always troublesome."
  • Radu Szantovich of Bistri, Regent | "Philosopher-warrior-kings, they are the light which will guide us out of darkness."
  • Sascha Vykos, Priscus | "Teacher, mentor, sister, lover--may you all know the purity of devotion so great that the heart aches for nothing else."


  • Ratti-Ben, Mother of Blood (Ancestor) | "A mother's love has no substitute."
  • Echo (Childe) | "A pure soul amongst the debauched and disgraced."

→ Enoch
→ → Tzimisce
→ → → Kartarirya
→ → → → Ratti-Ben
→ → → → → (Unknown Sire/Grand-Sire)
→ → → → → → → Keyuri Krittikas
→ → → → → → → → Echo (Childe)


Physical Description:
Long black hair that falls in waves down her back, almond-shaped brown eyes, and skin the color of a light caramel--Keyuri looks nothing like a Western vampire should look like. She is not pale nor does she grow pale and she seems to always be in motion. She is not gorgeous, per se, but beautiful in her own way, in the fullness of life about her and the innocence she exudes (though she is also physically attractive reportedly). She was embraced young, in her late teenage years, and hails from somewhere in East Asia. By the Buddhist prayer beads she wears on her arms , it might be guessed that she is from Tibet or Nepal. In recent nights, she has come to prefer a "Gothic Lolita" type of style and is never seen without a bracelet shaped as the ouroboros. Around her neck, she often wears pendants or lockets of silver, with gems of blood red or a bright violet inlayed upon them. She is also known to wear a pendant of a dragon swallowing its own tail, another ouroboros, with a large crystal set in the center.


  • Keyuri is the lover and childe of one of the Sabbat's Founders, Sascha Vykos.
  • An elusive, enigmatic methuselah Koldun from Sri Lanka is Keyuri's true mentor/mother, a woman who has taught the girl the ways of Koldunic Sorcery.
  • She is actually an Assamite Sorcerer, a convert from the Camarilla by Chase Ashford and his then-pack, 13th Crusade, named Marla Davinovich/Salerno and stolen away into adoption by clan Tzimisce as a servant.
  • She is actually an Assamite Vizier, adopted as a servant to clan Tzimisce.
  • Keyuri practises a Tantric version of Buddhism, adapted to Cainite existence, and has developed several methods by which to control the functioning of the vampiric body in pursuit of the pleasure-focus required for certain mother-type tantra.
  • The Vykos once threatened the Regent (and its Ductus), Radu, to Monomacy after Radu had asked Keyuri to step up as his Paladin.
  • Keyuri shares similarities in all facets of herself with a late witch-priest named Ilias cel Frumos, the only difference being physical appearance and gender.

Fun Things!


Ecumenical Council 2016

Radu (to Keyuri): "I seem to be down one Paladin. How about you?"
Keyuri: "..."
Radu (to the Vykos): "You wouldn't mind, would you?"
Vykos: "We would have to find a suitable priest for that Monomacy."

Victor Leandros (to Keyuri): "You just have a thing for mean men."
Keyuri: "No, I don't..."

Storyteller Information



Clan: Tzimisce
Year Embraced: 1917 CE
Path: Cathari 1

Sect: Sabbat
Pack: Sanguinis Angeli
Faction: Ecclesiastical
Position: Ductus/Templar
Diocese: New York, NY

Status: (9)

Feared, Initiated,
Ominous, Respected,
Crafty Little Minx, Loyal,
Ordained, Relentless, Valorous

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