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Clan ???
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Status 11
Domain Rochester, New York
Pack Original Sin
Path Death and the Soul ••
Faction ???
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Player Aidan
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Alias(es): Kefentse Lefu - Kef

Real Name: Unknown if Kefentse is a true name or an alias.

Apparent Age: Late 20's to early 30's

Physical description: Kef is a tall white man of average build bordering on stocky. His dark hair is often long and tied back in a simple tail. His clothing is cut simply but expertly and generally looks to be of good quality. He generally carries a satchel or bag of some sort which he is fairly protective of. Having a fairly bland appearance, Kef would be wholly unremarkable were in not for a few obvious traits. Most noticeable at first glance is a tribal tattoo on the left cheek, or more recently on his forehead. Those that see Kef regularly may notice that the tattoo is always fresh and often changes from night to night. After prolonged contact people often become unsettled around Kef. He moves in a 'not quite natural' way and no matter what is happening there is always at least a slight smile on his face. Often people respond to the smile by smiling themselves and acting cheerful, but those that interact with Kef on a nightly basis will often notice him smiling at wholly inappropriate times, as if he has forgotten the purpose of a smile and simply chooses to use one for his standard expression.

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Character Information

Known History

Little is known about Kefentse before he moved to Rochester. He is widely traveled and comes originally from overseas. He spent a few years in Canada before coming to Rochester to support an old friend, Lazlo Baptiste (now deceased) as pack priest of the Will of Caine. Lazlo proved to be much changed since his last encounter with Kef, and as their pack grew unmanageable Kef and a few others splintered off to create Pack Original Sin.

Being fairly introverted and reclusive there is not much known about Kef. However, he did make something of a splash when he first arrived in Rochester by curing the Sabbat and the local kine of a city wide blood plague which had been unleashed by elder Tremere.

Some time in March of 2013, after working closely with the Archbishop of Rochester on a number of mystical investigations and leading several battles against a local infestation of Tzimisce ancients, Kef was honored with a Blood Bath and raised to the position of Bishop in Rochester.

Currently Kefentse and his pack are some of the only members of the Sabbat still residing in Rochester, the rest of the packs having disappeared in a strange umbral shift. He is steadfastly investigating this mystery while encouraging new members of the sword to consider Rochester as a home.


Original Sin - A pack dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and lore. They prefer to defeat their enemies through superior planning and knowledge rather than brute force.


Nathan Wise

Sister Pack - Will of Caine
The Ductus of Will of Caine, Cornelius, is now serving as Kef's Templar


No one that you ever knew, or loved, or who loved you, or anyone who was ever anything to you that made you think that they might be as real as you are, ever proved that all six billion of the rest of us aren't all in it together against you.

What is magic but a science that is simply too esoteric to predict?

I wonder what that is....


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