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Name: Jolina Maria Aquino

Alias(es): Princesita

Diocese: New York, NY and New Haven, CT

Pack: None/Packless

Contact: Jolina's Cell Phone

Apparent Age: Early 20s

Appearance: Jolina is short, just a few inches above five feet, but graceful and well-formed. From both Spanish and Asian heritage, she is a fine mix of both ethnicities and their unique features, eyes almond-shaped and a dark chocolate brown, an hourglass shape, and lips that have a tendency to pout. As a Lasombra, she often dresses in business-styled dresses and suits with matching pencil skirts, but almost always in a dark navy blue. Still, she has a "uniform" for every aspect of her unlife and has been known to change her style of dress when appropriate or not "on duty".

Personality: A Lasombra, Jolina often acts in a way expected of her clan, always polite and always with a sense of purpose. What she lacks in arrogance, she makes up for in determination, and she is known for (on occasion) "losing" her temper, though it can be said it is usually done for a reason. She is not unkind, however, and can be quite graceful and charming when needed. Above all else, however, is her devotion to her sire and her lineage and it can be said that she holds nothing above her vampiric family. To this, she is unmoving and will never compromise.

Detailed Status

Positional Status:

  • Initiated (True Sabbat)
  • Lasombra

Reputational Status:

Character Information

Known History

Jolina doesn't speak much of her past, though it is rumored that she had always been meant to be Lasombra, even if she (by rumor) was a ghoul to a certain Ventrue Prince of Manhattan in the 50s and 60s. What is known is that she was born in the Philippines, to a Spanish-Filipino family, and lived through both World Wars (though at what age, no one is certain). After the Second World War, she traveled to the United States as a nurse and was soon a target for Cainites and Kindred, both for her beauty and also her skills and determination.

Whatever the case, she was ghouled shortly after coming to New York and was eventually taken in by the now-Cardinal, Francisco Domingo de Polonia, who threw the girl through a rigorous set of near impossible tasks to prove her worth, though no one is sure what exactly those trials were. Soon after her embrace in 1998, however, she was sent (as is supposedly common in her line) to train under her grandsire, Antón de Concepción, in Spain. It was only in 2016 that Jolina returned to the States.

She currently spends time between New York, NY, where she havens, and New Haven, CT, where she has been tasked to track down her traitorous broodmate, Edward Rowlands, and survey the damage he has caused in his betrayal.



(Jolina is currently packless, but is in search of a pack that will fit her goals and temperament.)


  • Members of Clan Lasombra


  • Clan Ventrue of the Camarilla | "The lot of them think themselves kings, but they are only sheep to their jailers."
  • (Certain) Loyalists | "I want nothing more than to gain their confidence. If only they would see me as more than an extension of my sire."
  • Edward Rowlands (Broodmate) | "A stain on my house and on my clan. Death is a mercy compared to what is in store for him."


  • "It is both a point of pride and a heavy burden to be what I am, of the Cainites who came before me."
  • Francisco Domingo de Polonia (Sire) | "I am but a soldier to a general. A trusted and devoted soldier, but a soldier nonetheless."

→ Unknown
→ → Lasombra
→ → → Karatos
→ → → → Doña Beatriz of Aragon
→ → → → → Don Medina Sidonia
→ → → → → → → Antón de Concepción
→ → → → → → → → Francisco Domingo de Polonia
→ → → → → → → → → Jolina Maria Aquino
Broodmate: Edward Rowlands



Physical Appearance:
Jolina is a product of the colonization of her people. She is of both Spanish and Filipino heritage, both Asian and Spanish at the same time, with almond-shaped brown eyes and a paled olive skin tone. It does seem, however, that her sire plucked her from life at her prime, painfully beautiful both for her exotic features and her eternal youthfulness. It is rumored that her beauty caused strife between a Ventrue Prince and her sire some time ago, though no one speaks of it (and, honestly, would anyone in their right mind pry into Cardinal Polonia's personal business?). For her part, Jolina remains modest but aware of her physicality, often wearing paradoxically solemn yet highly flattering pencil skirts and business-styled dresses, often in the color of a dark navy blue. When not on business, she opts for dresses of white with details of brightly colored flowers. No matter her attire, though, Jolina is never found without an interesting bit of history: around her neck at all times is a pendant not of a cross or crucifix but a simple coin, a Spanish Reale from the Mexico of colonial-times, encircled in silver as a pendant and hung around a matching delicate chain.


  • Jolina is a former ghoul of a long-dead Ventrue Prince.
  • Said Ventrue Prince poached her from then-Archbishop Francisco Domingo de Polonia.
  • Cardinal Polonia beheaded Prince Michaela of Clan Ventrue because of Jolina.
  • Jolina is easily angered by the same things as her sire.
  • Such as: any mention of her sire's reddened complexion invokes a fury from her that runs deeper than any simple childe-sire devotion.
  • Jolina secretly has a violent streak hidden under her demure demeanor.
  • Edward Rowlands' resentment of Jolina was part of the reason for his defection, seeing her as the more valued childe of Polonia, both for the circumstances of her embrace as well as her long and prestigious training under their grandsire.
  • Due to her experiences as a ghoul, Jolina hates all members of Clan Ventrue in the Camarilla, more so than any other clan regardless of sect.

Fun Things!


(Of Edward Rowlands) - "He is my broodmate. It must be me that deals with him."

Storyteller Information

Clan: Lasombra
Year Embraced: 1998 CE
Path: Honorable Accord 3

Sect: Sabbat
Pack: None/Packless
Faction: Ultra-Conservatives
Position: Sister of the Sword of Caine

Status: (3)
Initiated, Soldier, Lasombra

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