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Clan Ventrue Antitribu
Sect Position None
Pack Position Abbot
Status 2+6
Domain Nomad
Pack Squad Goals
Path Humanity ???
Faction Loyalist
Faction Importance Leader
Player Player 1



Upload Jo Babson

Alias(es): Depends on what suits her purposes for the night. Joey

Real Name: Jo Babson

Apparent Age: Mid twenties

Concept: Rising from the ashes.

Physical description: Her appearance tends to fluctuate, in no small part due to her interaction with a certain fiend. Often she appears as a tall, statuesque brunette with scars along her eyebrow with mismatched green/brown eyes.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Diplomatic Distinction

Distinction of Lineage

Distinctions of Renown

Character Information

Known History

Alt text
Jo Babson

Jo keeps her history close to her chest. Perhaps the only Cainite who knew it best was Cowl Bratovich, the Cainite responsible for opening her eyes to the truth of the Sword. She has made numerous quiet appearances at their side, though with different faces. It is unknown just how long she has actually been around. In recent nights she has wandered at their side, and throughout New York City seen briefly at the side of Connor Collins.

Ecumenical Council 2016

Jo was seen quietly moving about in Mexico City during this time. When it came time for dialogue and voting by the clergy, she was another face that joined the crowd to watch. When it came time to discuss the Treaty of Fire and how the Sect recognizes it, she stood up, and spoke passionately in regards to it. Her case was that for those who respected the cessation of hostilities, it provided greater chance and opportunities for converts, like herself, to see the light of the Sword and to make greater informed decisions. She looked into the eyes of the Clergy as she spoke, and into the eyes of Priscus Vykos.

Palla Grand 2016

For the first time The Guiding Hand Social Club was witnessed assembled together in a single location within the Albany diocese. What was intended to be a purely social evening turned into a successful assault on the private home of a Camarilla local.

For the next few years Jo had kept relatively quiet until the death of Cowl Bratovich under the purview of the Inquisition. She exploded over the public forums with outrage over how she was informed of the matter, like every other Cainite who saw the death notice. Since then she has grown a deep seeded resentment of the Inquisition and their members, sans for a few who have regretfully acknowledged their mishandling of delivering the news and the pains she felt. To those few she has a begrudging respect.

Since the death of her friend Carmitru and mentor Connor Collins she has refocused her ire into service for the Loyalist movement, showing herself to have no qualms in calling out hypocrisy as she she sees it.

Ecumenical Council 2018

The Crusader spent little time at the council itself, instead she wound up in Juarez on a drug fueled bender that lasted for weeks before she formally went to join her new pack, Squad Goals. It is curious to note that she seems to have brought something more back with her rather than her belongings and overall salty attitude.


After a prolonged period being packless, Jo has found herself among the ranks of Squad Goals, an all female pack of Cainites.


Early in 2020 the Crusader has sobered up and after a call out of the former faction head among the Loyalist back channels Jo challenged Eric Draven for head of the Loyalist Faction. For the first time in years a real election took place in the faction with Jo taking the position of Demagogue.

Was betrayed by former comrades in her old Sect and has been eerily quiet.


After a brief disappearance in 2020 the Demagogue has returned with a proverbial vengeance. Efforts in overhauling her faction's posture within the Sect has lead to an adoption of 'hopeless cases'. Jo Babson has reputedly taken to hearing the case of any Cainite seeking help when they feel ignored or abused by the local Bishopric. More often than naught the Crusader finds herself in the precarious position of playing mediator rather than Firebrand flipping tables, much to her chagrin.


Squad Goals


Ethan Darby

Mara Vandal


Tony Maietta

Jack Cross

Jimmy McTavish

Cowl Bratovich gone but not forgotten

Connor Collins gone but not forgotten

Carmitru gone but not forgotten

Ivan Obertus


False kings of the tower.
Cowards that lie about their clan in the public eye of the sword.


An unclaimed disappointment.


"Stop calling me mom."



Character Inspirations




Has challenged the head of the Loyalist faction for his position.

Is involved with an absurd bromance with Eric Draven.

Is a slightly functional alcoholic.

Has a new pack.

Embraced a Camarilla Ventrue's ghoul out of spite.

Maintains such a hatred for Camarilla counterparts she actively hunts and pursues her vendetta without mercy.

With her passion and temper she is probably a pander with a King complex.

Is a convert.

Is physically incapable of using most contractions in a sentence.

Killed a man with her bare hands and a stiletto heel.

Only started running with Cowl because they made her laugh.

Is Asexual.

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