Jenny "June Bug" Rose

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Clan Panders
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Status 4
Domain Decatur, IL
Pack Fallen Angels
Path Grey Hunter ••
Faction The Pander Movement
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Player Lizz Robbins
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Jenny Rose, June Bug

Real Name:  ???

Apparent Age: 32

Concept: Quest for Glory

Physical description: Jenny is about five foot six and skinny to the bone. She wears black hat, dress button down red shirt and black slacks with a suspenders. She has a professional appearance. When she smiles she is always showing a bit of fang. Under her jacket she always carries two colt .45s under her arms.

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Character Information

Known History

She is one of the mass embrace that fought the werewolves. Once she proved she was worth more then a simple fodder, she met her sire and joined the Fallen Angels. No one knows her human past and she doesn't talk about it. She has fought many enemies from the infernal to the mages of the city. She shows no fear in any of her actions but many see her unstable. The truth is she is a weapons smith and is quite intelligent in her actions.


Fallen Angels









34.. Dad needs fang condoms
5 More in Cedar Rapids....
Sister F@!#kin Rabbit

Broodmate Total: 40

Character Inspirations

Rob Roy
SLC Punk
Tank Girl


Rage Against the Machine- Killing in the Name
Serj Tankian- Empty Walls
System of a Down- Lonely Day
Seether- Walk away from the Sun


"What kind of guy shoots a woman in the Cooter" -Jenny
"Alright! I got it! Don't shit in your front yard!"- Jenny after being corrected by Angantyr
"Remember the difference between pushing your limits and accepting your limitations. I expect a Fallen Angel to push their limits to the brink of death every waking moment. To become stronger... to root out the weakness of our mortal ties. As long as you do that... I will never shame you.... become complacent in your skills... and I will hunt the white rabbit you portray. "
"Go big or Go home."
"whatever is making that sailor wear his brown pants right now, we want to avoid."


She is a Gangrel posing as a Pander.
When she is in a fight she doesn't stop for anyone.
She shot Bishop "Ripper" Jack Jones in the face and lived.
"Ripper" Jack Jones likes her fighting spirit, but has stopped her from fighting once. Jenny wasn't happy about it.
She has fought Frost Giants.
Ever since the rumored death of Ghost she has acted more reckless.
Is outspoken against the biased nature of the Black Hand.
No longer considers herself any gender. True monsters have no gender.
Enjoys poking people until they explode

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