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Clan Brujah Antitribu
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Status 10
Domain Nomadic
Pack Riders of the Mist
Path Caine •••
Faction Black Hand
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Player Mel Lee
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Real Name: James Hewwit

Apparent Age: 25

Concept: Enlightened Weapon

Physical description: His typical physical shape is that of a caucasian man of average height and stocky build, and has an appearance that is close to angelic.

Detailed Status:

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Character Information

Known History

Little is known about James' personal history. He seems to come and go from place to place. He has been known to take sabbaticals and come back changed. He has hinted that he was once a soldier ready for war when he was embraced, and that it was his prowess in combat that gained his sires eye. Yet those who have met him find he is not a simple weapon, but an educated canite.

His first appeared amidst the third Sabbat civil war. He was found fighting along side his pack-mates Alesandro and Katja. Little is know of their actions save that they were quiet and precise actions. They would often disrupt Camarilla cities to keep them from taking advantage of the the disarray of the sword.

After the war was over, the pack continued their infiltration actions. They added to their ranks Mary as time wore on. James and Mary took up the brunt of the infiltrations, with Alesandro and Katja providing guidance and spiritual support. Unfortunately, the days of infiltration came to an end in, when they attempted to destroy Michael Heartsblood. They were stopped by his allies, but were able to escape by playing on the lust for power amongst one of them. Afterwards they soon left the area for their own safety, and served the sword in other areas.

They came back to the area at the behest of the archbishops of the area. They were tasked with running the way stations through which the sword transported supplies and personnel through Camarilla held domains. This lasted until the Sword developed enough holding to make permanent areas from which to strike from. As with most tasks completed, James faded away after it was complete.

When James reappeared, he was a changed canite. Gone was the thuggish Brujah, and in it's place was a calm and educated monster. Shortly after his return, He was made a Bishop, and was tasked by the new Archbishop of the area to conquer the Anarch strong hold of Springfield Oh. He took the city in six months, either converting or destroying those that stood before the Sword. After this was done, and the area stabilized James faded again out of sight.

His next appearance was to the recently reclaimed city of Zanesville. He acted as a guide, not pushing but removing himself from the politics. It seamed that this role as councilor to his fellow canites suited. This changed with the gathering in Mexico City. James will speak little of what transpired in the lair of Ereshkigal on the first night, but after surviving it he was tasked with leading the Wild Hunt of the Ereshkigal. James succeed in the destruction, but at the cost of friend and pack mate Jean Carlo Bistri. Once the politics started that evening, James stayed out of sight. He returned briefly to renounce before the Sword his position as Bishop before leaving again. He then spent the remaining evening speaking with Dastur Anosh.

He appeared in Springfield again, this time aiding the Bishops of the city as a behind the scenes mentor. Often the younger members would come to him, deeming the other Bishops worthless. He was approached by the Archbishop of the area to again take the reigns of Bishop. James turned it down, and stated he had other duties to the Sword. This strengthened suspicion that James has joined the Black Hand.


Ian Kincaid
Fiorella Zantosa
Michael Stone



Templar Loki

Archbishop Victor Agbe

Paladin Jean Carlo Bistri (Deceased)

Michael Stone

Fiorella Zantosa



Don Emílio Gutierrez (Deceased)




Unknown. James says little about them save that they have all met final death.

Character Inspirations

The Operative from Serenity


Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash

Fucking Hostile - Pantera

Stand Up - Stormkern

Die with Your Boots On - Iron Maiden



James actually has a number of childer, all who hate him.

James is the one responsible for the deaths of sire and brood mates.

During his confrontation on the first night with Ereshkigal, James was corrupted by infernal powers.

He is reputed to have relationships with different members of the Camarilla, in particular Cassandra Sumner.

An Auto-da-fé was conducted on him by the Inquisition. Though found innocent, he is watched by them.

After seeing him in combat, some question if he really is a Brujah.

He puts up with Ian Kincaid's crap as Ian is his childer.

James being in the Black Hand is a fabrication created by the Black Hand to draw attention away from real Hand agents.

James and Ian are really incestuous Blood Brothers.

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