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Clan Salubri Antitribu
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Status 9
Domain Ocala, Florida
Pack Thrones
Path Scorched Heart ••
Faction None
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Player Geoff
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Isaac is Hebrew for 'laughter'.

Alias: Isaac

Real Name: Unknown.

Apparent Age: Late 20s, or early 30s.

Concept: Favored Son.

Note: Most know him as a Noddist; (albeit heavy on the intellect, low on the frenzying). His current path of choice is NOT widely known.

Physical description: At one point, Isaac was relatively non-descript. Of course, now his gold glowing eyes make him stand out, as does his third eye. In no way humane, his visage unnerves mortals and those on Humanity. When exposed, he is scarred heavily along his arms and chest.

Character Information

Known History

Basic Timeline: Entered Ocala two weeks before Festivo, '09. Prior to this, he talks little of his past. For the first two years of his time in Ocala, he and his pack remained at the fringes of Sabbat society, playing the part of pack priest. He's since taken the mantle of Ductus, and has directed them in taking in the details of the other Cainites in and around Ocala.

After a prolonged absence of six months over late '09 to early '10, Isaac returned to mingling with the other Cainites of Ocala, finding their numbers severely winnowed. He does not speak of former members of his pack other than to say that "some have gone to Mexico City... others have joined other packs..." Once the Thrones were brought back together, he took direct charge as Ductus, and established the pack within Ocala.

From Fall of '11 until the end of Spring '12, Isaac waged war on the infernal who threatened Ocala. His pack disposed of a number of the minions of the Fallen, and his was the final killing blow on their organizer. After this, he took a sabbatical to himself to contemplate what could have been done different and better for a few months. He has returned, and is looking again to add numbers to his pack.

Current Activities: Watching, waiting, listening, learning... Seeking out knowledge on Caine, the Salubri and well, anything really. His movements have become more pronounced, as he's entertaining conversations with other Cainites more openly. He actively recruited more to his pack, and started anew.

Still seeking information on his clan, he's recaptured a few of their original powers, and seeks to return more of those disciplines back to the fore.

Now 'retired' as being Templar, he's attempted to resume sole duties of Ductus of his pack. In spite of this, the Bishop and his Templar's lean upon Isaac for insight and advice.

Merit Details:

Flaw Details:

Background: Unlike most Sabbat, Salubri aren't brought into the Sword on a whim. His sire brought Isaac across for... well, that would be telling. Just remember, never ask for something you don't really want. There are worse things than death, and suicide is a coward's way out.

His mannerisms show that he might have been military or clergy or both at some point in his mortal life. Little things have slipped out in conversation with Isaac that point to both an ecclesiastical training, as well as a military background. Not that what he did in his mortal life matters--only how he instructs others in the 'church' of the Sword of Caine.

How he carries himself is akin to a detached serial killer at worst, or a Vulcan at best. While now and again a smile, sigh or other betrayal of emotion will show on his countenance, he has the best poker face of any Cainite of Ocala.

Status Details:



Astral Form (Armor of Caine's Fury is similar, only blood red.)






Cletus Brodwick

Aiden Malone

Ambrose Bierce

Lucian Arcos

The intelligent and the wise. The ignorant who are willing to be taught.


The terminally stupid. The intelligentsia who cross him.

He sees the ones who have taken issue with him and his own. They think they don't know, but Isaac is ready for them.

Marshall/Wisefool. The Tremere who successfully infiltrated the Sabbat via one of Isaac's former packmates, and returned and killed Aidan Malone.



Baali & The Infernal

Character Inspirations



by Isaac:

"You must remember, first and foremost, Caine was a farmer..." -- Opening to Isaac's favored Sermon of Caine, in regards to not wiping out the local food source.

"Ignorance can be remedied. Stupidity however is terminal, and must be cut out before it metastasizes." -- referring to certain local Brujah antitribu.

"Seven of you can crack an engine block with your bare hands, yet none of you could change the oil in it. This is why the Sabbat here fails..." -- after realizing he'd been left to formulate a plan with nothing more than hitters at his disposal.

"Do any of you have a plan other than 'let's break down the front doors'?" -- from the same conversation above.

"If you are not the one picking the battle, then you should make every effort to extract yourself from it. There is no honor in a stupid death." -- First orders on engagement amongst the Thrones.

"When you've done something right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all." -- not his originally, but appropriate.

"The problem now is that the 'sexy' part of the mission is over. You need to convince the Diocese to get to work on mopping up." -- advice to the Bishop after the death of a Neo-Carthaginian leader.

"The smart Cainite's 'totem animal' should be the trap door spider or the crocodile. Instead too many take the Man-eating Tiger or Berserk Bear as their animal. And for that, they are endangered and hunted." -- On why so few potent Cainites survive.

"Don't cry to me about if I've hurt you while combating an enemy of the Sword. We're all dead already... it's just a matter whether or not you leave a good story on how you died in honor of the Sword."

on seeing Mama Julie's new pet ghouled Burmese Python: "The ability to crush mortals, devours prey whole and a brain that hasn't evolved in millions of years. She should name it Papi."

about Isaac:

"Holy shit, Isaac's out on the front lines? This must be serious." -- El Grande Papi Diablo

Any Salubri player who wishes to put this on their page is welcome to do so!


Isaac is 'on-call' as a special consultant to the local Black Hand, and protected by them.

He has found a rare path of enlightenment and converted (he was known to be a Noddist for a long while; his current path choice is not widely known).

Isaac kills any non-Salubri who've learned first intermediate Valeren or beyond.

His third eye sees things even when he's not using Auspex.

Isaac is rallying other Salubri to a common goal.

He has been digging into the history of his clan, and is reclaiming lost powers that they once possessed.

Isaac's third eye watches you, even when he's in conversation or paying attention to something else.

He is the only Sabbat in Ocala that can regularly spot Spooky.

Isaac has been denied a chance to join the Black Hand, and is looking to join with a faction where his intellect and investigatory skills are put to best use.

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