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The city of Miami, and the surrounding area of Miami-Dade County, stands as a pinnacle of Sabbat power and influence in the United States; one of the most dangerous places for non-Sabbat Vampires in all of North America. For as long as there has been a viable supply of blood, Miami has been held firmly by the Sabbat. Despite minor internal issues and the occasional power-play, the Sabbat of Miami are united in their defiance of all outside influence and their war against the Camarilla.

To the mortals, Miami is a city of emotion, color, and culture. Miami is hot, Miami is sexy, and Miami appeals to all senses unlike any other American city does. One aspect that distinguishes Miami from other cities is its identity as a truly multi-cultural American City. As a gateway to South and Central America, and the third most popular city in the United States for international visitors (after Los Angeles and New York), Miami has strongly been influenced by its growing Latin culture to the point that visitors often feel that Miami is, in parts, more Latin America than simply America, earning it the nickname “America's Casablanca.”

For all its deco architecture, haute culture, and incomparable nightlife; Miami is also a brash, drug-ridden crime capital of America. On any random night, there is an amount of violence unparalleled in most other American cities. Arson, Rape, Murder, Kidnapping, Assault, Battery, Vandalism, and Theft are ways of life in Miami along with just about every atrocity that a sadistic mind could think of. Corruption and bribery permeate every facet of the police and political worlds, and unethical behavior can be found in almost every other sector, with is no end in sight...


What This Book is

With this book, the office of the Sabbat Coordinator is seeking to enhance the stories of the Sabbat Chronicles of One World by Night. Due to White Wolf ending the original World of Darkness line, we firmly believe that this organization needs to move forward, both in continuing our own canon story-lines and in developing our “sandbox” - the world in which we play. This book is a large step forward towards these efforts.

Our goal is for Storytellers and players to be able to work with the Sabbat Coordinator to be able to use the history presented in this document to enhance the characters and stories of their own Chronicles. Sabbat packs should have the ability to travel to Miami, interact within the city, affect the area, and talk and form relationships with the NPC residents in order to have a very real impact on the most major Sabbat resource in the United States.

What This Book Isn't

The office of the Sabbat Coordinator has no interest in running a “siege” style plot-line in the city of Miami. As stated above, this book is meant to be a resource for Sabbat Players and Storytellers. That being said, as a part of One World by Night, Miami will be accessible to each and every PC and Storyteller who wishes to participate somehow in its ongoing story. All actions and Influence spent in Miami should be sent to the Miami Sub-Coordinator, or to the Sabbat Coordinator directly.

The Miami Subcoord

The purpose of the Miami Sub-Coord is to ensure that all events that take place in the city of Miami are recorded, and that events across the city are consistent from scene-to-scene and character-to-character, based on events that occur in the city. The Miami Sub-Coord is also responsible for portraying and delegating portrayal of all Miami NPC’s, and for updating this sourcebook with the latest events that transpire in the city.

The goal is to make Miami into a living city; one which develops as PC’s take actions that affect it.

The Miami Sub-Coord may be reached through the listing of Sub-Coordinators for Team-Sabbat on OWbN.NET. Alternately, you may email the Sabbat Coordinator who will gladly put you in touch with the Miami Sub-Coord.

Part of Miami by Night

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