Hirune Arroki

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Clan Lasombra
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Status 6+2=8
Domain New York, NY
Pack None
Path Righteous Night ••••
Faction None
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Player Tracer
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The only known picture of Hirune

Several hundred of them.

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Early Thirties

Concept: Terrorist Zealot. The other mans Freedom Fighter.

Physical description: Fairly tall and barrel chested, his thick, dark hair and heavy brow frame his most distinguishing feature; His eyes. A Piercing hazel with a reddish bronze ring around the pupil he has been known to silently stare at people for long periods of time in a way that quite often makes them highly uncomfortable. His choice of apparel varies from night to night, often he is well dressed with an interesting choice of a tie, sometimes he wears a heavy sweater with cargo pants and other times still he dons well worn fatigues... The choice between the three usually being dictated by the suspected events of the evening.

Detailed Status:

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Character Information

Known History

Very little is known about his past and he makes an adamant point of not speaking on it. His sire most likely knows more than anyone.


He is currently without one, but intends to remedy that shortly.




Alejandra Maricela Devareaux Reyna




Alvara Sforza D'Aragonese Devareaux

Kitty Devareaux

Darius Devareaux

Tyrel Devareaux

Character Inspirations

Largely an original concept


Planning and plotting





"I was once a Leader of men. Good men who fought and killed for the most righteous of causes. I too, met my end... But I have been reborn to take my fated place as an instrument of Gods will for all his creations. Let the mortals bear witness and know that his Judgement is upon them and that we are a blessing upon this cursed earth. One sent to reveal unto them a cause beyond the uncertain promise of heaven or hell to live Righteous and pure lives."

"Eta aguer cequión Aingueruä cerutic hura confortatzen çuela."


For a guy that doesn't speak all that much, he loves to hear himself talk.

He was somehow on Righteous Night even before being embraced.

He was raised by Basque terrorists and was given command of a cell at the tender age of 16.

He's really, REALLY smart... Like... Evil-Genius-minus-the-need-to-monologue-about-his-dastardly-plans-type smart.

Has a Madonna/Whore complex involving his whole family... even the ones that he hasn't met yet.

Fucked his Grandsire stupid within an hour of the two of them meeting... In the presence of a Judge Inquisitor.

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