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Clan Assamite Antitribu
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Status 12
Domain NYC
Pack Merchants of Fate
Path Cathari, Caine? ???
Faction Black Hand
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Player Jenn B
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Hazel Grayson, Angel of Caine.

Alias(es): Sparrow, Goose

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 28

Concept, Original: a curious investigative reporter
Concept, Past: a mischief-making bratty Pandora
Concept, Current: a young leader slowly settling into her responsibilities

Physical description: Hazel is a slight creature, 5'2", with blonde hair, blue eyes, and an athletic and agile build. Her smile always seems ever so sweet...

Assamite darkening: She is currently very obsidian black in appearance (OOC: 20/20 mechanically of the Assamite darkening), though when she obfuscates her appearances her skin is a pale tone that matches those around her.

Hazel's sense of personal style seems to vary widely:

At Esbats: Hazel is sometimes seen as a short blonde goth girl, wearing fishnets and black leather knee-high boots and some form of gothic-punk ribbons in her hair. Other times, she just wears black jeans, black tailored broacade jackets, and floor-length lace Spanish-style veils.
Formal Functions: Hazel tends to wear long elegant sari wraps over choli blouses with high heels. She will either put her hair up in a turban-like wrap, or in a series of gothic-punk hair ribbons.
On the road: Hazel is sometimes seen wearing a long black jacket with painted floor-length angel wings, black urban camouflage pants, black and olive keffiyeh (neck scarf), and a black hajib (head scarf).
At the Haven: When not at a gathering or event, Hazel is often barefoot, and simply wearing yoga pants and a plain shirt, with her hair in a simple single braid. She wears no make-up or adornment.

Hazel Grayson (in classic mini-skirt and long coat) inspecting one of her Quietus-blood-coated arrows before a mission. (Sketch by the extremely talented Briana Barber!)

Detailed Status


Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Accomplishment Status:

  • Feared - as a member of Clan Assamite
  • Battle-Scarred - in service to the Sect's military progress
  • Blooded - in service to the Sect's military progress
  • Fortified - for the diablerie of NYC Tremere Regent, Adrian Valentine
  • Enriched - nom, nom, nom, nom... :)

Character Information

Hazel at Glitter& Gloom 2012

Known History

Hazel was a reporter who worked at the BBC in New York City when circumstances occurred that Hazel and Aidan met. She was embraced into Clan Assamite, and then left for seven years.

She returned to New York City in February of 2010, and joined Martin Blank's pack, Nameless Inversion, whom she met through David Test but not after having a verbal sparring match with Martin that left an interesting first impression, to say the least! She soon became very close to both Martin and David, though seemed constantly at odds with her other packmates: the Nosferatu, Lenny, and her Pack Priest, Michael Reed of Clan Assamite.

She was studying the Path of Caine for quite some time under Michael Reed, Father Erikon, and Antonio Domingo Vega Devareaux as her Path-to-be, but ended up on Cathari instead... likely due to her packmate David Test and the time she was spending around former Catharist Antonio Domingo Vega Devareaux. This caused strife with her Ductus, Martin, and her sire, and put her normal curious demeanor into a more bratty and mischievous end as she began using her path to challenge those closest to her. She attempted to further her understanding of Cathari by emulating those around her on the Path, such as Leanna McShay and David Test, but to no substantial spiritual ends Hazel was able to relate. Now she has went back to attempting to be a Noddist scholar, working with Father Erikon and Antonio Domingo Vega Devareaux, but the ever-sassy Angel seems to retain some Cathari-like tendancies...

The Ladies of Merchants of Fate, Hazel Grayson (left) & Alejandra (right), at the Convention of Fire, New Orleans, 2011.

Hazel has travelled frequently to Boston, Bridgewater, and her home of New York City, but has also been seen around Mexico City, Columbus, Fredericksburg, Wisconsin, and Montreal as the Sword of Caine calls its brothers and sisters together. Ever ready with her bow, she fought in the sacking of the besieged Camarillian Domain of Worchester, MA.

In January of 2011, Martin and Michael decided they would leave on a sabbatical of sorts, leaving the pack Nameless Inversion and its territory to Hazel and David Test. Hazel thusly became the new Ductus, and David and Hazel sought out Alejandra and Nate to join them. In August, a Ravnos by the name of Nick Fury joined them, and was formally inducted into the pack in Virginia in September 2011.

In July 2011, Cardinal Radu Bistri called all to Detroit. The event became chaotic as it turned out that Radu was an impostor, and that Hadrian and Maharbal were present. When the Sabbat went to fight Hadrian, they were lured into a trap and sent into the deep umbral realms of the children of the well, and Hadrian's power to oppress all present was thwarted by Hazel Grayson who began to sing Amazing Grace, and then all were freed from his influence through her 'magics' and able to fight. In September, at the second battle against Hadrian, the Sabbat and Independants and Camarilla all held their ground at Roosevelt Island as the army of Hadrian advanced. Hadrian again oppressed the masses with such a power, and Hazel again sang - this time a last request of a fallen brother to sing VNV Nation - and Hadrian yelled "HER!" and was immediately attacked by his army, turned into a mortal and psychic assaulted into a coma. (She later either recovered or was re-embraced after the battle.)

When the Regent called all to him in Mexico City in September 2011, the ladies of Merchants of Fate, NYC Bishop Alejandra Maricela Devareaux Reyna and Hazel made their travels. They then travelled with the Regent of the Sabbat Venere Carboni to New Orleans for the Convention of Fire, where the Sabbat and the Camarilla and the Independents sat down and negotiated a cease-fire to deal with the Baali threat. Bishop Alejandra sat on the negotiations panel while Hazel, declaring herself as a member of the Black Hand per orders of the Regent to be a 'visible deterrent' against troubles, worked the security of the event.

Merchants of Fate: From left to right: Nate Monroe, Nick Fury, Hazel Grayson, David Test, Alejandra Devareux


Current Pack: Merchants of Fate

Merchants of Fate1.jpg

Merchants of Fate is a Sabbat pack in New York City that claims SoHo, NoHo, and Greenwich Village in the borough of Manhattan. The pack was formed in February of 2011.

Hazel Grayson & Antonio Domingo Vega Devareaux at the Convention of Fire, New Orleans, 2011.




"In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I ate a Setite. It's kind of like a traditional green beer." - Hazel (Festivo in Boston, 2011)

Sire, Broodmates, Childer & Lineage




  • None publicly known.


  • Hazel Grayson, childe of...
  • Aidan Malone (deceased), childe of...
  • Abdul Azim-suresh (deceased), childe of...
  • Reza Fatir, the Dark Angel, childe of...
  • Devadarshan Jadeja (deceased), childe of...
  • Gabriel Chavez, childe of...
  • Tariq the Silent (deceased), childe of...
  • Bakr, childe of...
  • Mancheaka (deceased), childe of...
  • Haqim, childe of...
  • Zillah, childe of...
  • Caine

Hazel at Club Temple in Boston.

Quotes from Hazel

Hazel Grayson on the subway.

Quotes from others about Hazel

Hazel Grayson, July 2012.


Hazel at the prequel to the Ecumenical Council, July 7, 2012


Hazel at Beltaine in the woods

  • "Policy of Truth" - Depeche Mode
  • "Precious" - Depeche Mode
  • "Angry Johnny" - Poe
  • "Die Another Day" - Madonna
  • "The World is Not Enough" - Garbage
  • "Only Happy When it Rains" - Garbage
  • "I Can't Decide" - Scissor Sisters
  • "Hurricane" - 30 Seconds to Mars

  • "Military Fashion Show" - And One
  • "Forever (Darkness Pulls me Under Remix)" - Bruderschaft/VNV Nation
  • "Aftershock" - VNV Nation
  • "Disappoint" - Assemblage 23
  • "Damaged" - Assemblage 23
  • "Another World" - Beborn Beton
  • "Lullaby" - The Cure
  • "Here is Now" - Smiths
  • "This Corrosion" - Sisters of Mercy
  • "Cry Little Sister" - Gerard McMann
  • "Marilyn, My Bitterness" - The Crüxshadows
  • "Pong" - Eisenfunk

  • "Paper Planes" - MIA
  • "O... Saya" - MIA & A. R. Rahman
  • "Jai Ho" - A. R. Rahman & Suzanne
  • "Ringa Ringa" - A. R. Rahman

  • "Run this Town" - Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West
  • "S&M" - Rihanna
  • "Savior" - Rise Against
  • "Stronger" - Kanye West
  • "OMG" - Usher
  • "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" - Beastie Boys
  • "Danger Zone"-Kenny Logins

  • "Captain Jack Sparrow" - Lonely Island & Michael Bolton


Character Inspirations

Hazel and Alejandra at Sin-O-Matic in Boston, June 2011

TV Inspirations:

Movie Inspirations:

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