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Clan Gangrel Antitribu
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Status 9
Domain none
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Path Feral Heart •••••
Faction None
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Player Corey
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This PC is Deceased


Omega Pack Symbol

Alias(es): Grey

Real Name: Thomas Cobbler

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Evolution of Man & Beast

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Character Information

Known History

I am an Animal. I always have been, and I always will be. I am the destroyer & savor of Humanity, by bringing unto it the True Path of revelations. The melding of Beast & Man. To hunt, to kill, to be the ultimate predator - these are my goals. Such is the truth that dwells within my heart of hearts, and flows through the blood in my body. It echoes within my soul.

I have forsaken human social constraints. Civilization, as it is today in these modern nights, support the weak. I hunt when hungry, and rest when tired. My mind must remain sharp, my talons as firm as my resolve. Each encounter, whether won, or lost, exists only to move me further upon the true Path.

Like my peers before me, and those who come after my body is dust in the sunlight, I care not for a formal organization like other fields of enlightenment. I share my wisdom and my tales when asked, and my questions when I find one deserving of them.

I am a killer, plain and simple. I kill for the Sword of Caine, and for the beast beating beneath my heart. I care not for the politics of the sect. Such is beneath me. If there is an enemy, I hunt. If there are talkers talking, I look bored. Only in the essence of testing ourselves can we encounter our strengths and our weaknesses in such truism as to find our true selves.

~ Killed during a common feeding event with his pack. A targeted assassination by werewolves that claimed his life and the life of Ed, his packmate. The werewolves didn't persue anyone else in his pack or the diocese.


The "Omega" pack is based on the theory of Evolution. Whether of ourselves, of others, of the spirit, or of the body.

Priest Celine (Toreador-Anti)
Abbot Micah Reese (Ravnos-Anti)
Abbot Oz (Salubri-Anti)

Bishop Tobi Mullen (Tzimisce)

Dedrick (Gangrel/Country)
Ed (Gangrel/City)
David Heath (Gangrel/Country)
Epiphany (Nosferatu)


Abraham (Serpent of the Light)
Adrian Eberhardt (Assamite-Anti)
Cal A Mari (Nosferatu)
Gabriel (Salubri-Anti)
Justin Theloni (Toreador-Anti)
Lucretia (Pander)
William Schaefer (Lasombra)




None that have survived



Character Inspirations




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