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Clan Gangrel Antitribu
Sect Position Bishop
Pack Position Pack Priest
Status 10 Sabbat, 2 Gangrel, 1 Giovanni, ? Anarch, ? Camarilla
Domain New Haven Connecticut
Pack Midnight Progeny
Path Honorable Accord ••
Faction Ecclesiastical
Faction Importance Regional
Player Peter Morter



Alias(es): Grendel, Richard Petronius

Real Name: Knowable only by magik

Apparent Age: 20's

Concept: ギャングレルカイジュ (Gangrel Kaiju).

Physical description: 6' white male, jet black eyes, giant maw with 9" saber teeth, tail...

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Clan Prestige

Character Information

Known History

I was embraced in the winter of 1979 while compiling data for my Doctoral Dissertation on territorial patterns of timber wolf packs in Athabaska Canada. I found my sire some twenty one years later in the Camarilla city of San Francisco California.

I joined the Camerilla got some titles. Scourge, Primogen, Sheriff; of SF (while ascending to Gangrel Alpha of the Western States). Then became Prince of Oakland CA to free my sire from the manipulations of an infernal Tremere Prince.

After a year or so as Prince I learned to play with shadows, not some metaphor but Obtenabration. The Justicariate sent an Archon to investigate me rather than ask me. I was punished and spanked, respected and exalted... depending on who contacted me. I realized that these jeers and accolades were only motivated by the vested interests of those saying them. In other words, I had done bad if it was bad for them and vise versa. Many "Kindred" back then wanted a Gangrel Prince in power... any old Gangrel. Many Kindred wanted to oust a Gangrel Prince... any old Gangrel. When I vented my frustration to my close friends by saying "the only vampires I can trust in my own city are... blah blah blah..." My friend said "Well that's good we're all in the same Pack!" After I hired a homeless man in Berkeley to rent a helicopter and litter the streets with the names of Camarilla officers of Oakland, thereby damaging their Masquerade for months if not years with a Kinko's card... I made my way the to Sword in The North East.

In Sabbat I did as I always did; I killed shit, saved friends and gathered titles. I've been a Ductus, Pack & City Priest, Templar to a Bishop, Templar & Paladin to a Judge Inquisitor, Bishop, Knight Inquisitor, and Bishop once again.

Lots of dead enemies -- lots of dead friends. I've killed both.


Midnight Progeny








Character Inspirations



"The readiness is all." Hamlet

“Finally someone let me out if cage! Time for me is nothing 'cause I'm counting no age.” Gorillaz

"The whirl wind, is in the thorn trees." Johnny Cash

"Masterpieces serving maximum sentences. It's their own fault for being timeless, there's a price you pay and a consequence!" Regina Spektor

"I'm the phoenix and the ash,

Red eyes shining in the camera flash,

My secret is I don't keep none, see Something, go ahead and say something I ain't afraid of it,

I don't drown, won't stay down

Heat finds a way to rise somehow

Scan the crowd as I'm coming out and I

Don't see too many rivals now!" Dessa

"Wars not make one great!" Yoda


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