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Clan Tzimiscie
Sect Position None
Pack Position None
Status 3
Domain None
Pack None
Path Caine •••
Faction None
Faction Importance None
Player Lee Elmore



Alias(es): None known.

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Varies

Concept: Tzimisce Noddist, Reluctant Priest

Physical description: While this can vary, Gregori does not often make drastic changes to his appearance. He keeps with certain general themes; long dark hair, germanic or eastern european features and some piece of attire featuring a dragon somewhere. He radiates an unnerving appearance (Eerie Presence) and leaves a chill wherever he goes (Touch of Frost).

Detailed Status:
Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Character Information

Known History

Caine's Vengeance was kicked out of their original home of Redding in April of 2012 when the large, older more established pack in the area decided the city was too crowded. The young pack had caused more trouble than the Redding group wanted to deal with. They were forced to formalize their pack, unanimously declaring Gregori to be the Pack Priest because he was the only Noddist of the group. The pack set up in the town of Eureka, California, taking over an old farmhouse to act as a communal haven. This only lasted a couple of months before it had to be abandoned, in favor of occupying a large spanish villa on Cock Robin Island. Gregori spends the majority of his time in the haven, practicing his arts and administering to the spiritual needs of the pack. This reclusive trait suits his pack just fine as they increasingly find that Gregori's presence out anywhere among the kine almost always results in acts of callous, often excessive, brutality; whether this is born of a hatred of the kine who do not know their place or an expression of the famous Tzimisce territorial nature is unclear.

In 2013, Gregori and Caine's Vengeance took part in a large scale game of instinct held by the Auburn Diocese. Several packs were collected together to hunt some elders holed up in the area. The game was meant to be one of teamwork. Several of the other packs used it as an opportunity to show off their individual skills, but Caine's Vengeance fought as a group, working with each other's strengths and compensating for each other's weaknesses. In the end, Caine's Vengeance was brought almost entirely to torpor. Later, the game was revealed to be nothing but phantasms. Despite taking a significant beating, Caine's Vengeance was declared the victor and handed a torpid elder to eat. Gregori laid claim to this prize, but refused to accept that a body handed to him as a gift would qualify as being in line with sect practices, thus refusing to accept the status of Enriched.

Gregori slipped into torpor for a few years after he ate his prize. He contemplated his greater connection to Caine, awaking eventually to find his pack had almost entirely left. He made his way to Auburn as the nearest enclave of the Sabbat to see what he had missed in these years.


Gregori was formerly part of Caine's Vengeance. After a few years in torpor, Gregori awoke alone.
Caine's Vengeance

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