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Clan Brujah Antitribu
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Status 14
Domain Lexington, KY
Pack The Corps
Path Honorable Accord ••••
Faction Black Hand
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Player Scott Little
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Frank Siegler, Brujah Black Hand Remover.
Frank Siegler, Brujah Black Hand Remover.

Alias(es): Many and varied while infiltrating, but none in current use

Real Name: William Franklin Siegler

Apparent Age: Early 30's to mid 40's. "It's not the age, it's the mileage"...

Concept: Vampire Marine

Physical description: Usually dressed in military or biker gear, Frank has the look of one who is expecting an attack at any moment.

Detailed Status:


Character Information

Known History

As one of the most public members of the Black Hand, Frank Siegler has earned a reputation as one of the most lethal of the Chosen’s Removers, and his thirst for the blood of elders is well known and documented.

Frank is a walking contradiction: Lethal killer of the enemies of the sword, but the first to welcome converts from the Camarilla. Black Hand member who allies with the Inquisition. A knight whom seeks perfection of his physical form to a greater degree than some of the most die-hard Metemorphisists.

Rumors abound regarding Frank. Those close to him have seen changes in him recently, and are not sure what to think. Might have he fallen victim to the strange changes plaguing the Brujah? Does he have his own goals and ambitions beyond the Sword or the Chosen? Has he been corrupted by the events of the last year, his mind broken? Why does he consort with Camarilla Archons? Is he really still just Frank, or is he something... different?

Can he be trusted, and if so, how far?

Above all else, Frank is a true believer, but in what is not exactly known. Having recently formed a pack of other like-minded zelots after the trials of the Year of Fire, Frank prepares for the next of the Antideluvians to awaken. The only thing that is certain is that he will be ready.


The Corps





Peter Löscher (Known to be Dead)


Lots seem to be popping up recently


None he is aware of

Character Inspirations



"Before you Enrich yourself on that Cammie you captured, did you try to convert him first?"

"I feel pity for Camarilla Neonates... they don't know any better, and where never given a chance."

"Selene Lazarion would make an EXCELLENT Templar... oh, come on... you know she would..."

"The House-Brujah of the Camarilla are barely worthy of calling themselves Brujah! They have squandered away the power of their blood to be the blunt tool and shock troops of the Ventrue and the Tremere. Only thanks to the Field-Assimites do they not sit on the bottom of the totem pole!"


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