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Clan Salubri Antitribu
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Status 10
Domain Rochester, New York
Pack Original Sin
Path Honorable Accord ••••
Faction None
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Player Garrett Adams
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Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Mid-20s at Concept: Philosophical Warrior

Physical description: Tall, with shortish light brown hair. Sinewy muscled arms. A third eye on his forehead that has a white iris and black sclera. He usually wears a set of scale mail armor and carries a spear.

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Character Information

Known History

Faruk came from the middle east about ten years ago, but it is unknown if that was where he was born or not. He traveled with his pack around Canada for a while never staying in any place for very long. Some tragedy occurred and his pack was mostly killed. However they received word from an old associate Lazlo Baptiste. He was seeking allies to bolster his pack as there had been trouble with an elder Tremere ex-prince of the Camarilla in the Rochester domain. Joining Lazlo in his pack, The Will of Cain, they were able to help the city remove its lingering Camarilla nuisance.

Soon after though Lazlo began to show unsettling signs of taint and corruption, possibly from the Void. This combined with the unwieldy size of the pack inspired as demonstrated when Faruk set up a game of instinct to test the packs skills when working together; Faruk, Kefentse Lefu, Nathan Wise, and Gryphon Holley (the first three of which were part of the original pack) to discuss the possibility of splitting from Will of Cain to form their own pack. After receiving the the blessing of the Archbishop and Lazlo they left Will of Cain to form pack Original Sin. Original Sin, as its name implies, is a pack seeking Knowledge in its attempt to fight its foes.

Faruk was then made Bishop of the city by the Archbishop Trygvassen (since executed for heresy) and put in charge of the war effort with neighboring cities. A event that is shrouded in mystery occurred that lead to the death of several Cainites, including Lazlo Bapstiste and the arrival of a group of elder cainite trees outside the city limits. Faruk lead the first attack against these trees but their powers were vast and they had to retreat. Faruk stayed behind to distract it while the other pack mates, and pack Die in A Fire were able to get to safety, then he retreated. While they had not killed the tree they had gained valuable information used to in several skirmishes since.

The Archbishop Moltke has since allowed Faruk to step down from his position as Bishop. This was clarified as a reward and not a punishment, allowing Faruk to continue with his personal agendas.

Since this time Faruk has become extremely reclusive, spending little time with anyone outside his pack, and being seen less then usual.

Recently, Faruk's clothing choices have begun to change. In addition to the regular torn and ragged jeans and armor, he has begun to wear a white, hooded cloak and gold cross around his neck. His personality has also seemed slightly lighter then it has in the past.

His pack mate, Kefentse Lefu, embraced a childer who has joined the pack after his initiation.

During a recent raid into the Vampiric Forest near Rochester his pack took down and captured "alive" two of the tree things living there, with out suffering any wounds among their party. Faruk enriched his blood on the creatures after taking extreme measures to avoid any unpleasant side effects.


Original Sin.


Kefentse Lefu
Nathan Wise
Gryphon Holley
Die in A Fire
Sister Pack Will of Cain


The Tremere
Infernalists and their demonic masters







Character Inspirations

A philosophical warrior.



"Weapon and Warrior for the Sword in search of knowledge."


Faruk is outmoded, and his ideals do not line up exactly with many members of the Sabbat. He has sacrificed several opportunities at diablorie from a game of instinct to assist his pack mates and allies. His recent change in clothing was to emulate another Salubri in the city, Simon, a Templar of the inquisition.

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