Edward the Saint

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Clan Tzimisce
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Status 11
Domain Lexington, KY
Pack The Corps
Path Power and the Inner Voice •••••
Faction The Crusade
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Player Mark Cherry
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Alias(es): Edward "the Saint"

Real Name: Edward Santariga

Apparent Age: lates 20s

Concept: Caporegime

Physical description: Meaningless to a Tzimisce.

Detailed Status:

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Character Information

Known History

Edward was first spotted in Louisville in the late 90s. In the early 2000s he was sent to infiltrate the Camarilla of Cincinnati. Despite making great strides in the war effort against the city, he was found out. He spent the next several years traveling and dodging attacks by the Camarilla. He didn't settle in one location again until a call for aid came out of Lexington. A fresh battle was on, to take the city from the Anarchs. Since his arrival in Lexington, he's helped to take the city for the Sabbat and secured it against attack, serving in various capacities.

Several years ago he stepped down from the position of Bishop to pursue a path within his Clan. He was drawn back as reports of infernalist activity proliferated, and he would not stand aside. He gathered allies and prepared his childer to fight the Ancients who had woken up. After courting the Inquisition and finding them wanting, he started referring to those who followed him as 'the Crusade' - proclaiming that he would take the fight against infernalism and heresy to a level that the Inquisition refused to. And so, the Crusade battles those who would spread heresy within the sect from without. They have aided diocese under siege all over the Midwest, East Coast, and South, from Madison to Fredericksburg to Ocala.

At present, Edward stands aloof of city politics. He has voiced occasional discontent with the Archbishop, but has recently demonstrated a change of opinion. His night to night affairs are unknown, and he speaks little of what he does in private.


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Character Inspirations



"He's good for a laugh AND tearing giant fucking holes in your enemies with his Bone-Sword of ultimate doom. Totally taking him on my next pub crawl." - Diver On the Subject of Edward.


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