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Clan Assamite Antitribu
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Status 9
Domain Boston, MA
Pack Merchants of Fate
Path Cathari ???
Faction Black Hand
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Player Vinny E
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David Test, KoNY, 3/27/11


Real Name:

Apparent Age: 25

Concept: Temlpe Fugate on acid

Physical description: Trim, toned with a healthy tan. Often stands with a slight stoop from many years working in cramped spaces.

Detailed Status

Positional Status: Initiated

Reputational Status:

Accomplishment Status:

Character Information

Was the Quartermaster for Ekatarina the Wise, taking control of New York City. Now the a simple member of Merchants of Fate, known for supplying Cainites for their war efforts.

Known History

He emerged in New York City in the Summer of 2009. Within 6 months was acting as the liaison between local licks and the Black Hand. After Martial Law was declared in the summer of 2010 he resigned from the position. At the Palla Grande the same year held in New York City he delivered the ashes of two Hand soldiers who killed sect mates in friendly fire to the assembled dignitaries. After this he removed himself from the forefront of city life until a call for members of a War Council were put out by Ekaterina the Wise. At this point he volunteered to take the position of Quarter Master for the city, he worked for several months channeling the mortal influences of the city's Cainites on the behalf of the Sabbat, leading to a much rumored assassination attempt by the local Camarillian population.

Several months later he reemerged from seclusion and took up residence in Boston. Currently he is working as a weapons designer for the local Sabbat. He still often takes leaves of absence and returns with a tidbit of information, or a new weapon for distribution.



Merchants of Fate: From left to right: Nate Monroe, Nick Fury, Hazel Grayson, David Test, Alejandra Devareux

Current Pack: Merchants of Fate

Merchants of Fate is a Sabbat pack in New York City that claims SoHo, NoHo, and Greenwich Village in the borough of Manhattan. The pack was formed in February of 2011.

Merchants of Fate1.jpg

Previous Pack: Nameless Inversion



David Test, KoNY, 3/27/11


Israel, Black Hand Remover

Deceased: Incinerated in clearing out a cell of Camarillian commissioned Assamites scouting New York City.




Character Inspirations


JJ from No Ordinary Family. Large quantities of acid and advanced physics make for an interesting view of reality.


Apature Inc. Johnathan Coulton

The Undertaker Puscifer

Rally and Sustain Acumen Nation


"Yeah, I can get that."

"I am a deeply flawed creature."

"We have to do what? Good thing I have no shame."

"So there I was with this goat."

Jokes about David:

Q: "What do you get if David tickles you?" A: "Testicles!"


David Test
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