Darius Devareaux

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Clan Lasombra
Sect Position Bishop
Pack Position Ductus
Status 9
Domain Ft Wayne, Indiana
Pack Aces High
Path Abyss •••
Faction Status Quo
Faction Importance Member
Player Chris U



Apparent Age: Late 20s

Demeanor: Traditionalist

Physical description: 6-foot tall man, he seems to be a large build. Bearded, short-ish hair. He seems Italian in decent. His shadow seems to flicker now and then almost like a candle light. His eyes have black streaks in them where the blood vessels used to be.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Darius was sired in Queens, NY. He used to be a small time gang member until his sire tested him by removing his group from him. when he attempted to rebuild she decided to sire him. He had started out as being a bit of a wild child in New York. He moved to the Midwest in an attempt to make a name for himself. He made waves when he spoke out for enforcing the Vaulderie in Decatur, then moving up to Madison. He had a club in Madison known as 'The Red Question' which he had run as a Catharist haven. He had made it the haven for his pack upon becoming Abbot, though he was known for throwing Catharist parties that he enjoys inviting others to. He seems to have matured out of the previous wild ways he had back in NYC, seeing the importance of the traditions of the sect.

Since these days though he had moved away from Madison after his club had mysteriously ended up under the ownership of others and no longer used for his former pack. He had been residing in Ft Wayne, seeking to unlock the mysteries of the Abyss. So obsessed he was of it he managed to catch the attention of Sterling Scion, Paladin to Cardinal Anka, who mentored him in the ways of the Mystics. Darius has abandoned his Catharist path for a new way, Path of the Abyss. He also seemed to be striving for better position and status with in the sect. He has since achieved his goal of becoming a Mystic and after a hard won fight with in his new diocese, he has become the Bishop of War. He also has become the Ductus of his new pack, Aces High.


Current Pack: Aces High


None of note.




Character Inspirations



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