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Clan Ventrue Antitribu
Sect Position None
Pack Position Ductus
Status 6
Domain Ocala, Florida
Pack Winner's Circle
Path Power and the Inner Voice •••
Faction Moderates
Faction Importance Local
Player Jesse VanSpyker-Maillet

Aaron Gentry (head Storyteller)



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Real Name: Daniel Conroe

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Leader, face, nobility

Physical description: Fairly normal in appearance. Dark, short hair. Hazel eyes, 6ft height, light build, fairly pale skin.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Reputational Status:

Miscellaneous Status:

Character Information

Known History

Born in Connecticut, he started a bit of business within Heartford, Connecticut in the 1960's. Worked to the top of an financing company before being approached for a different kind of position. Eager to take what was perceived as a promotion, he was to work directly under the guidance of one who would become his sire, being told about his Noble bloodline that he descended from. Apparently he had impressed the Ventrue with his work ethics. Soon after becoming embraced, he learned the truth about the Camarilla, however. The Elders were simply tyrants who had let themselves be corrupted by simple greed. Also learning of Ventrue who were also once nobility, he broke away from the Camarilla joining with the Sabbat and moving to New York City. From there, he formed a pack after some time, forming Ironclad. After many years there and learning of various possible things going on in Florida, it gave an opportunity for Genelle to visit family. So since January of 2012, he's been with his pack in Ocala, Florida.


The Winner's Circle


Raymond Jackson

Former Pack


Mordechai - Priest

V.A.L. - Abbot

Samael -

R. Diver - (deceased)

Janelle Broadwick

Seth Delacroix - Childe


Penny G - Gangrel are often wonderful allies as well. Penny is a spectacle to watch in combat. Though doesn't always think very far ahead at times. Good strategist in the moment, however. Been away more often than not as of late.

Cosmus - Holds sway amongst many mortals. A bit secluded at times, but is good at what he does and he's a good ally.

Thomas Tremane - Odd individual, but very boisterous and eager to try new and different things. Though not always one to really think things through.

Mama Jullie - Deceased. Very outgoing one she was. Though a little too obsessed about spirits I believe. Though she did handle them quite well and knew quite a bit about such things. She held a certain charm about her as well. Valuable ally to have given her abilities.



(never mentions his name)


Seth Delacroix


Character Inspirations


To be determined


(anyone have any in mind?)


(none as of yet?)

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