Cowl Bratovich

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Clan Tzimisce
Sect Position None
Pack Position Ductus
Status 2+5
Domain Nomad
Pack Guiding Hand Social Club
Path Power and the Inner Voice ••
Faction Status Quo
Faction Importance Local
Player Player Name



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Alias(es): Templar Skeletor Grayskull (Former), Voivode of Voivodes (Former), Patriarch Bratovich (Former)

Real Name: Unknown, presumably 'Something' Bratovich

Apparent Age: It depends on the time of year, or current mood.

Concept: Lost Revenant Come Home

Physical description: Cowl arrived at the 2015 Ecumenical Council as both a well-endowed, youthful, symmetrically gorgeous female in her mid-20's and a rather average looking man in his late teens. So, it's safe to say It's appearance has been known to vary greatly.

Detailed Status:

Positional Status:

Diplomatic Distinctions:

Spiritual Distinction

Distinctions of Renown

Distinctions of Infamy and Respect

Physical Distinctions

Character Information

Known History

Cowl kinda just...showed up at the 2014 Ecumenical Council. It spent the year not done much publicly aside from be an overly loud jackass.

Ecumenical Council 2015 was a different story, however. On May 5th not long after the close of the 2015 Ecumenical Council, It sent a message through the Sabbat Communications stating It had killed the previous Voivode of Voivodes and taken her position.

Soon before the Cainites gathered for the Ecumenical Council the following year, Eve Galbraith announced that she would be stepping down from the position of Matriarch of the Status Quo, and Cowl would be replacing her.

Pack: The Guiding Hand Social Club



It's voiced some dislike with Ainbeartach O'Brian back in the years previous, but nothing much more than that.


Cowl has yet to make the identity of It's Sire known, nor has anyone stepped forward to claim It as their own.


None as of yet.



Character Inspirations


Through the Valley - Shawn James


EC 2014, to Sascha Vykos: "I heard the right way to start a revolution was to throw your dick at someone. So, well, I did. I totally hit Lugoj with my dick."

Upon Becoming the Voivode of Voivodes

To: The Sabbat at Large

I was told I had to send this out, proper etiquette and all that, so here we go.

Minerva Schwalke-Wojtkiewicz, former Tzimisce Voivode of Voivodes, is dead. After talking with a few of the most respected Clanmates I have in the Sabbat and receiving their support (several of whom are my totally awesome new packmates), I went to her house to try and be political, to get her to be involved again, to get her off her ass to do something, make a statement.

Her response, and I’m only just kinda paraphrasing, was “Fuck you, you want me out then challenge me to Monomacy, as is tradition, and the winner eats the losers soul.” I asked if she was sure, because if so there’s an express ticket one way trip to Death by Rape Town on the Pain Train Highway.

She said yes, and I’m all like “YOLO Bitch”, and Death by Rape Town is Population +1 right now.

I almost wish I hadn’t accepted, because I’m digesting her rancid soul and trying to not puke from her watered down tomato soup tasting vitae that’s sitting in my stomach. I would rather be suffering a Taco Bell breakfast after a night of binge drinking Natty Ice and Thunderbird.

Long story short, bitch got evicted from her house and there’s a new guy in the bed. I’m going to go pour one out for Jean D and start trying to get some positive change up in this bitch. I’ll be busy for about a week getting shit in order, then likely start replying to stuff again.

Cowl Bratovich
Voivode of Voivodes
Member of the Masters of Fate (Shoutout to Vykos)
Architect of the Status Quo
Templar to Bishop Jack Cock under the name Skeletor Greyskull


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