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Witch Hammer

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: Early 20s

Concept: Guru, Mystic, Shaman, Wise-man, Babylon 5 Shadow

Appearance:Once commonly referred to as Bish┼Źnen by his pack mates. Never a large man, Chase's impressive strength for his rather small frame is rather well known.

Detailed Status:
Positional Status:

  • Initiated - True Sabbat
  • Feared - Pack Ductus

Reputational Status:

  • Chosen
  • Enlightened
  • Proven
  • Gifted
  • Hunted

Character Information

  • Known Member of the Black Hand
  • Founding member of the 13th Crusade (Formerly the 13th Legion)
  • Even before his time in the Sabbat he was notorious for Kiling Tremere. To go so far as to not allow any to exist where he lived
  • Was recruited to the Sabbat by Father Allen and Owen Dalton
  • Rumored to walk a rare path of enlightenment
  • Former Bishop of Boston and Salem
  • Renowned Priest and Noddist of the Sabbat

Known History

Ever the Enigma, it is rumored Chase started out an Anarch before he joined the Sabbat. Some say that before his time in the sabbat, Nigel Osborne and Chase stormed across New England leaving a bloody trail to their rule and no Tremere was left alive. These rumors would seem to confirm the history of the his pack, 13th Crusade. Once known as the 13th Legion, the right hand of cardinal polonia. This legendary pack, lead by then ductus Deacon Cross, conquered more territory for the Sword of Caine then has been seen in the past decade.

After serving his ductus, Deacon Cross, for many years as a loyal solider for the sword of caine; stories persist that a great Demon cut a swath through his pack that has resulted in the 13th Crusade that is known tonight. Indeed, many Cainites who knew Chase before this radical change in his pack, claim to have known a very different Chase Ashford. The Chase that walks these nights is a humble sage who gives cryptic advice to those who will listen and claims a great disdain for the "useless" politics of the Sabbat.

What is known is that Chase is a devote member of the Black Hand, who has some sort of great ties to the Assamite clan, and that many claim that the weight of his age has finally caught up to him. As the legendary warrior has become a learned guide to his brothers and sisters.


Currently: Swords of Fate


2011 08-16 - sanguinis angeli-finished.gif

Formerly: Sanguinis Angeli

Left to Right: Echo, Marissa, Keyuri, Roan, Chase

13th Crusade (Formerly): 13th Crusade, known formerly as the 13th Legion and the 13th Remnant and which was originally founded as the sister pack to Judgment Night.

The 13th Crusade as it was last known

13th Crusade was made up of the following members when it was active:

Ductus:Chase Ashford


Abbott:Ella Scarpa (Deceased)

Sister:Jordan Sinclair

Brother:Nigel Osborne

Sister: Soraya Mirza

Brother:Tushar Alexaviar Euzel Caine

Former/Deceased Members:Deacon Cross, Angelus, Bran, Lucas, Jon Darc, Jericho Gray, King, Erikon


Chase and his Sister Celest
  • Bonehead


  • Dean Famularo


Sire: Marissa Ashford
Lineage: Celest Ashford (broodmate), Janette Ashford (broodmate), Tory S. Ashford (Broodmate), Donovan P. Ashford (broodmate), Charity Ashford (Childe), Victoria Ashford (Childe), Sacha Ashford (Childe, Mica Ashford (Childe), Lydia Ashford (childe), Lillah Ashford (Childe), Thea Ashford (Childe), Sophia Ashford (Childe), Tempest (Childe), Makaria Ashford (Childe)


Physical Description:
The Blonde hair and blue eyes Chase Ashford is carries about him an ethereal quality. His features are those of one a young Eurasian man. Chase's hair is a shaggy blonde that falls just below his eyes. A small man, Chase was clearly embraced in his early 20s and his stature was never one of great strength. Preferring to wear flowing modern Asian styled robes and coats, the self declared shingon buddhist is something of a paradox. For a religion the speaks of lack of attachment and simplicity, chase often wears elegant and expensive clothing. Very rarely wearing the same thing twice exactly. The only reoccurring theme throughout his outfits are the colors Blue and White.


  • Chase is actually an Assamite.
  • Chase is the reason the Tremere Antitribu disappeared in the Sabbat.
  • Chase was once a member of the SS and Mossad still hunts him.
  • Chase was once a Demon while Archbishop.
  • Chase Ashford is in love with the Lasombra Antonio.
  • Chase was once turned into a fish when he was Archbishop, it was called the archfishop
  • Chase has served as a Bishop, Templar, and Archbishop of the Sabbat multiple times.
  • Chase was responsible for the return of Nigel Osborne, and has recruited a record number of former Camarilla princes.
  • The love of Chase's life in fact despises him and has run away from his pursuits multiple times.
  • Chase and Antonio Salerno were switched at Embrace.
  • At the Hartford Elysium once, someone said Chase Ashford was there and all the Camarilla vampires jumped out the windows.
  • Chase once Diablorized a Kuei-Jin. The same? Another one? made him into a popular x-rated manga.
    Magical Chazu
  • Chase had a "paramour" (in his mind, she reportedly cheated on him) who was considered a heretic by the Sabbat.
  • Chase is secretly despised by all of Clan Assamite.
  • Chase has employed a "translator" for him because no one understands him.
  • Chase, Antonio, and Soraya are actually CLAMP characters, and this is but one universe they are visiting. So much so, Chase has even lost an eye.
  • Chase allowed his pack to fall apart in favor of assembling a new pack made up of practitioners of rare blood magic.
  • Chase delivered his pack-mate Nigel Osborne into the hands of his enemies because he had become a political liability.
  • The Schismatic Assamites have declared war on Chase, so sayeth Rishi.
  • Chase is a DBZ Character.
  • Chase's Sire has returned
  • Chase is a a member of The Diamond Thunderbolt
  • All Camarilla Deaths are caused by Chase

Storyteller Information

Character Information
Clan: Brujah Antitribu
Sect: Sabbat ••••• ••
City: New Haven, CT
Player: Adam
Storyteller: Lex L.



AKA: Witch Hammer

Clan: Brujah Antitribu
Year Embraced: 1880 CE
Path: Dharmic Dragon 3

Sect: Sabbat
Pack: Swords of Fate
Faction: Black Hand
Position: Pack Priest

Status: (7)

Initiated, Enlightened,
Chosen, Enlightened,
Proven, Gifted,


"Apocalypse Averted!"

To Artyom, Archbishop of Boston:

Chase: "I know how we might win your excellency, but you will not like it."

Arytom: "Chase, please I always value your advice."

Chase: "We remove ourselves from the game. The only way to truly win this game is to not play it."

At Nonclave 2010

Ravnos Antitribu: "You have a ritae for sex?"

Chase: "I have a ritae based on ancient belief and practices that the energy released from such acts can bring forth a form of enlightenment."

Nosferatu Antitribu: "So why don't you two fuck then?"

Chase "I don't have a dick"

Nosferatu Antitribu: "She could get a strap on and fuck a hole! You wouldn't want to disrespect the ritae now would we?"

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