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Pack Overview

A Nomad pack whose structure and MO closely parallels that of an authentic MC, or Motorcycle Club. The Sons of Caine, MC, are known for their nomadic lifestyle, their bizarre code of conduct, and their predilection for violence.

The Sons of Caine, MC was created by what is now know as the First Four, President and Ductus Vinny, 1%er, VP and Priest Robert “Bobby” Briggs, 1%er, Sergeant-at-Arms Lewis, 1%er and William “Lil Bill” Hatchet, 1%er. These four compose the core of the Mother Charter.

The Sons, while not exclusively made up of Loyalists, tend to lean in that direction. They are willing to forgo ceremony or the “right” way of doing things in favor of punishing the slaves of the Antediluvians.

At present, the Sons of Caine, MC, are notoriously without a Ductus. According to the Sons of Caine, MC charter, the appointment of a new Ductus requires consent on the part of the President, who can only be replaced by a vote of confidence supported by the Vice President. As Vinny 1% held both offices simultaneously at the time of his departure, (which, according to Vinny, the charter didn't forbid) the Sons of Caine, MC are unable to replace their current leadership, and remain caught in a bureaucratic deadlock. Was this a mechanism put in place by Vinny 1%er such that his legacy would die with him, or is he ensuring no one takes his place prior to his eventual return?

Modus Operandi

As the sect's premier MC based pack, the Sons of Caine, MC, always travels via the open road whenever possible, proudly displaying their identifying patches, or colors, while proudly riding their customized Harleys.

The Sons’ most favored tactic is “patching over”, an nod to the MC practice of assimilating a smaller MC into a greater one. This involves locating a kine MC and holding creation rites in their “church”, or chapter house. The Sons embrace only the full members of the MC they're patching over, setting aside the group’s ol’ ladies and current prospects as a first meal for the newly arisen. Those who survive their first raid are incorporated into the group as prospects.

Pack Members

Vinny, 1%er, President and Ductus
Robert “Bobby” Briggs, 1%er, Vice President
Lewis, 1%er, Sergent at Arms
William “Lil Bill” Hatchet, 1%er
Alexi, Judge Inquisitor
Olivia, Abbot

Syntax, Prospect

(numerous other prospects and shovelheads)


Relevant links

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